Happy Halloween!



These pumpkins are both clues to upcoming books!
The Ewok is the star of one chapter of Book 3! (not the whole book!)

And the mustache is for my next book, Fake Mustache coming out in the spring!!!


  SuperFolderTayler wrote @

Tom you should be an OY for Halloween XD!

  Chris wrote @


  Superfolder JC wrote @

Oh my gosh! Ewok!

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

Origami Ewok… I’ll have to work on that…

  Dwightrules wrote @

Already got it!

  SuperFolderYoda wrote @

I made a Origami Ewok about 3 weeks ago! I should make instux! I will send those in too!

  Yodamaster wrote @

It’s gotta be luke or anain’s sprirt for book 3…. it would only make sense seeing the Ewok in there….

  SuperFolderYonatan wrote @

I know, right? I think it would be interesting to have an Origami Luke book.
You could do a lot of things with Luke. It would be an epic finale if it is one.

  Dwightrules wrote @

Or Han or Leia…An then there are Wookies!

  superfolder heewon wrote @

I was expecting something like darth sideous to be the star of book 3 but an ewok works too.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

No, the Ewok will NOT be the star of the book…. just the star of ONE chapter!

  origami yoda wrote @

still,better than none.

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