Origami Darth Maul, Asajj Ventress, and Wampa by SuperFolder Andrew!


  Superfolder JC wrote @


  SuperFolderYoda wrote @

Wheres the Asajj Ventress?

  SuperFolder Andrew wrote @

Sorry… I actually sent the whole photo in but forgot to resize them. You can barely see Ventress on the right of Maul.

  SuperFolder Andrew wrote @

Oh and plus you can look at the whole photo if you click on it. For my Wampa instrux., you have to look at one then look at another.

  SuperFolder Will wrote @

please make instructions for asajj and maul!

  Kirk Edwerd McDougall wrote @

that wampa looks totaly stooky when you put him in the snow! did you make the wampa in the middle of winter?!

  superfolderandrew wrote @

no. In colorado it snows a ton in the fall. so thats when I put the wampa there.

  Kirk Edward Mcdougall wrote @

oh, that’s awsome! I use to live in denver colorado. and i agree it does snow alot in the winter there.

  Origami Wampa | superfolderandrew wrote @

[…] you want instrux., go to this link https://origamiyoda.wordpress.com/2011/10/31/origami-darth-maul-asajj-ventress-and-wampa-by-superfold… Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. By superfolderandrew […]

  Awesome1 wrote @

Asajj Ventress is totally stooky u should make instrux 4 her

  Kirk Edward Mcdougall wrote @

i just made asajj ventress and she pretty simple. just follow the first 2 steps for admirl akabar fold the top down until it touches the part where the two squares formed. fold the four corners in at the top squares then tuck light sabers into the two squares at the bottom then draw a face and vola!

  10cocoa wrote @

Six letters: S-T-O-O-K-Y!

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