My new origami General Grievous…

I’m not completely happy with this, but the important thing is… It’s one piece of paper and he’s got all four arms. (the light sabers are extra pieces, of course)


And yes it is a finger puppet…


And NO there are no instructions! Don’t ask!

Here is the tiny practice version… I think the head turned out better here…



  Rymit the Superfolder wrote @

AWESOME!!! And could you please post instructions?

  Josiah wrote @


  Josiah wrote @


  Reed wrote @


  Superfolder JC wrote @


  Rymit the Superfolder wrote @

Oh. I didn’t read the no instructions part. Sorry!

  Dwightrules wrote @


  coby wrote @

please post instructions!now!

  michael graves wrote @

If u don’t post instructions, i will have no choice but to FIRE MAH LAZOR

  DwightTharp wrote @


  Tayler wrote @

AWESOME! Dwight y do u say random stuff?

  tedmeister7 wrote @

Tom,u know EVERYBODY would want instrux…you just broke my heart a little bit………

Just Kidding! Awesome GG though!

  Wicket Warrick wrote @

aww… come on Tom! please post instructions! if there was a puppy dog-eye smiley i would insert it here :)

  private wrote @

Awesome!,yours is better than mine! (Very nice,clean work)

  Yodamaster wrote @

:( I want to make one so badly!

  private wrote @

Can you make an origami chewbacca?

  superfolderwyatt wrote @

Awwwww no instrux :-( (but still, its AWESUME!)

  Madelyn Rosenberg wrote @

My two superfolders say: He’s cool. And also: what do you mean no instructions????

  Axel Torres wrote @

guys! he just said no,and i mean NO instrux!!!

  Axel Torres wrote @

I’m sowwy i shaoted. I’m onwy thwee!

  Axel Torres wrote @

I luv it!!!!!!! :]

  Axel Torres wrote @

is it true there are no green light sabers? ’cause my friend Valdo says no.

  Super-Folder Jordi C wrote @

Why are you not happy with this? I think it’s great! :)

  SuperFolderYoda wrote @

How would you not be that happy with it? That’s the best Origami General Grievous I’ve ever seen! And it’s not Kirigami!

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

Um, I must agree. This is good. I assume it is complicated, or else it uses some cheap tricks, or else he would be willing to give us instructions.

  mandude wrote @

it’s awesome!Please try to make som instructions

  Superfolder JC wrote @

It’s AMAZING! Right, guys?

  SuperFolder Colin wrote @

Tom, I hate you when you hate you.

  Jackson Mitchell wrote @

i dont care no instrux instux PLZ!!!!!!!!!!

  superfolder of legends wrote @

My darth paper says: that is impossible to make! but it is (in fact) STOOKY!

  Jasey wrote @

are you kidding? how can you not be happy with that? you,my friend,are a true master of origami

  super folder matthew wrote @

compared to mine…
yours looks more like movie gg
mine looks like book more

  super nachos folder wrote @

cool gg mine loks like glob u rok exept for no instrux

  super nachos folder wrote @

my bro is a harvey cuz he dosnt beleve in origami yoda

  Patrick and Origami Jawa wrote @

aww man i wish the person put instructions…

  super nachos folder wrote @

aw snap i made a new gg and it kind of looks like yours
please!!!!!! post instrux please!!

  Superfolder Doug wrote @

I’ve made agood GG and I may post instrux

  texas wrote @

post instrux !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Fan wrote @

When will you post general creasus instructions

  Kirk Edward Mcdougall wrote @

I also made an oragami genreal general grivous too mines not real hard, but it’s good

  Aydeniscool wrote @

Make the instructions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  kelso wrote @

its insane!!!! never seen 1 like it.

  Zach wrote @

Is their a pic?

  Zach wrote @

Instructions Instructions Instructions Instructions Instructions Instructions!!!!!!!!!!!

  Steve wrote @


  brandon wrote @

I am only 9 years old,but I love it!!!!!

  harvy smells wrote @

no instructions, i think i might cry.

  daniel wrote @


  SF JamesF. wrote @

I know right! this is such an awesome piece that we can’t make here at home.I came close to making one, but I was a little off. :[

  harvy smells wrote @


  booooooooooooooooom wrote @

i will invent my ownnnnnnnn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  SF JamesF. wrote @

thats the spirit!

  sully wrote @

this is freakin awesome how aren’t you completely happy with it?

  SF JamesF. wrote @

ha. thats exactly what I thought.

  daniel wrote @

make instrux

  samigami1221 wrote @

COOL! That looks really awesome. Well, I;m only used to using index cards for folding, but, I DID make a four armed Origame General Grevious too. With two index cards, and it’s REALLY simple. Plus, it looks cool! And it’s TOTALLy portable, ’cause it’s so small! Perfect for putting in ur poket! O, plus, I’ve made an Origami Yoda holder! U can clip it onto ur poket, so that u can carry him around, without him getting crumbled up in ur poket! It’s so COOL! And SUPER simple. Like, 4 steps maybe. I mean, if u care, maybe I could poet it up sometime! :D Well, stay stooky people!

  SF JamesF. wrote @

A yoda holder! aaawwwwwwwsssooooommmmeeeeeee!

  JDog wrote @


  samigami1221 wrote @

Srry, I should hav actually REPLIED. So, read the one before this. Well, go onto chat! PLEASE!

  samigami1221 wrote @

Woah, ur on jdog? thats SO COOL! Please, head to the superfolders chat RIGHT NOW man! NOW! :D

  samigami1221 wrote @

Oopppsss… I meant, read the one AFTR this, the very LAST comment. And foret chat, i hav other stuff to do. Adios!

  samigami1221 wrote @

UUhhhhh… just forget these! Im gettin’ all mixed up! Well, cya!

  epicsuperfolder wrote @

MAKE INSTRUX IM 10 SO DONT MAKE ME CRY i only need him :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(.(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(.

  Brandon Wilder wrote @

please make INTRUX PLEASE!!!

  SF jim wrote @

”no instrux, so don’t ask!” whoa, harvey in the house

  SF JamesF. wrote @

prettyprettyprettyprettyprettyprettypretty please with whipped cream and chocolate syrup on top make some instructions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  superfolderyami wrote @

And maple suyrup

  sf DaMIeN wrote @

SO GOOD! mine turned out like a blob -_-

  SF Parker wrote @

hey everybody! I think i found out how to make that!!!!! I’ll post instrux ASAP.

  Joshua Gatus wrote @

Is it hard to make?

  Shavod98 wrote @


  Shavod98 wrote @

the head looks better in the new one!

  Tyler Kruszczynski wrote @

really tom

  r2d2 fan wrote @

I made my own general G and NO INSRUX OR PICS WILL BE POSTED

pickpok secret

  plankthewood wrote @

leads to the dark side no instructions does

  Jabba wrote @

plankthewood’s right dude!

  whatsupdoc217 wrote @


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