SuperFolder JackB’s Princess Leia… or is that Rhondeleia!

Superfolder JackB sez: Ready to release my newest character, PRINCESS LEIA. Vote Princess Rhonde-leia!


  Tick Tick wrote @

Is the one to the left a real origami puppet?

  superfolder oscarH wrote @

no its a drawing from darth paper strikes back

  Tick Tick wrote @

Oh, I thought so

  SuperFolder Yoda wrote @

Guys, I think myself that the next Origami Yoda book is going to be called, “Secret of Luke Skywalker.”

Or lets just say that I think the next character is going to be Luke Skywalker.

  SuperFolder Boba Fett wrote @

Im hoping that Origami darth maul is in the next one because I want to know how to make one

  Harvey wrote @

Uh no it’s chewie it came out a few

  Yodamaster wrote @

It’s anakin!

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

Yodamaster, stop being so persistent. Everyone can have an opinion. Just because you believe something, doesn’t mean everyone else has to believe the same thing.

Did I just sound a bit like Yoda? I honestly can’t tell. Personally, i think it’s either going to be Chewie or R2 and Threepio.

  samy wrote @


  Um Hi Guy wrote @

What about? It’s a little hard to tell.

  oscar wrote @

its either anakin or luke or r2 d2 or admiral ackabark or maybe chewie

  Han Foldo wrote @

Its Chewie.

  oscar wrote @

if u agree say yes if no no

  Kirk Edward Mcdougall wrote @

Nattinal talk like yoda day it is I posted this comment hrmmm.

  Brady wrote @

Leave comments of JackB’s finger puppet you must. Talk about the upcoming novels you must not.

The finger puppet is very good, yes?

  rookie folder Jake wrote @

First book: The strange case of origami yoda, Second book: Darth paper strikes back,Third book: The Secret of the fortune wookiee, Fourth book: Art2-D2. There. You happy now??????

  ????? wrote @

Hey, he’s right.

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