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Contest– important new information…

Time is running out to enter the contest. You have until midnight tonight!

Here’s something you should know….
It is about time to get together the list of SuperFolders that will be in the OY3 acknowledgements.
I am going to use the list of names of everyone who entered the contest.*
If you are a true blue SuperFolder and you want your name in the book then make sure you enter!!

*A few additional names may be added of course.

Happy New Year Drawing Contest!

Hey SuperFolders!
Remember the end of Darth Paper when Origami Yoda says…


Well I am going to GIVE AWAY the original drawing! (yes, the actual one and only drawing used for the book!)

It’s the perfect way to celebrate the end of 2011, which has been a great year for me … Thanks to you! And the beginning of 2012 which should be a lot of fun with both Fake Mustache and OY3 coming out!!!

So here’s the contest:
1: Draw a picture of what you think the cover of Origami Yoda 3 will look like! Remember the title is “Secret of the ___________!” fill in the blank with anyone you like.
2. The winner doesn’t have to be right, just Stooky!
3. Email it to by the end of 2011! (That means midnight on New Years Eve!!)

Hopefully we’ll have a celebrity judge to pick the winner!

Good luck!!!!

Red origami Death Watch trooper by SF DJ!

GI JOE holds OY with his Kung Fu grip! By Yodamaster!!

Yodamaster’s Satr Destroyer and more!

Ok, well, the first 2 pictures are my Star Destroyer, the third one is my R2, an the last one was sorta a joke I made. It’s my reproduction G.I. Joe Talking Astronaut discovering R2D2. That’s all I have for now!
Happy Folding,

Superfolder Eash’s *Discovered* Origami Super Mario hat!

SF EASH sez:

after i made this, I saw that others had also already created it, hence the “discovered.”

Step-by-Step Darth Maul Instrux by Samy

SF Samy has made a great Darth Maul AND he has made some really nice, clear instructions to go with it! Since they take up a lot of space, you’ll have to click “READ THE REST” to see them…
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