Yodamaster’s Satr Destroyer and more!

Ok, well, the first 2 pictures are my Star Destroyer, the third one is my R2, an the last one was sorta a joke I made. It’s my reproduction G.I. Joe Talking Astronaut discovering R2D2. That’s all I have for now!
Happy Folding,


  superfolder samy wrote @


  Superfolder JC wrote @

Cool Satr? Destroyer!

  Yodamaster wrote @

I think it was just a minor spelling error with the title of the post.

  Yodamaster wrote @

If you’re wondering about the astronaut in there, I started to be a G.I. Joe collector, and I wanted to mix that in sort of with OY, so since R2 is like a space robot, I made my astronaut discover it. By the way, that astronaut figure is a reproduction of the original one from the late 1960s, i’ll probably have more Joes in my pictures, some as the main thing, and some as easter eggs. Oh, and about the OY chat, we’ve been having some difficulties, but now it’s open to the public for all the super folders! Please go to this link: http://xat.com/TheStrangeCaseOfOragamiYoda

  A Kind Reader wrote @

I really, really hope the Satr Destroyer gets in the third book. PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN!

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