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Anbody notice something new?

Over there on the right side of the screen? Maybe up a bit….
Webmaster Sam just put it up. It’s a countdown to announcement day…. the day I can finally officially tell you that JarJar* is the star of the next book.

*not really JarJar

Star Wars quotes to use in future books?

Hey SuperFolders! I’ve been noticing some Star Wars quotes in the comments.

I thought you guys might like to add your favorite quotes here on this post and maybe I’ll be able to work them into a future book….

Do it like this:

"Apology accepted!" Darth Vader

SFGavinW’s Cover Yoda!

Sf Legoman’s Eskimo/ Luke in Hoth gear!!

SF JohnF’s Van Jahnke Yoda!!

SF Gingka Haganae’s Cover Yoda!!

SF Kevin’s Stooky General G!