SuperFolder Fives wrote @

Nice… wish people would remember the 501st.

  Yodamaster wrote @

I know, people like Jedi and Sith now. I mean my favorite character from Star Wars is Vader by far, but i still like the 501st.

  superfolder samy wrote @

Whats the 501st?

  2000 man wrote @

the 501st was an elite group of clones that did anything the emporor or anakin skywalker said. when order 66 went out, the 501st went and followed every command of lord vader. they were the best of the best of clone troopers and storm troopers!!!!

  Empaper wrote @


  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Those are Super-Stooky instrux, man!
I just made a Gen. Grievous/Old Anakin out of that!

  super folder joe wrote @

good handwriting!

  Superfolder Alex wrote @

Thanks to all of you.

  SF Jake wrote @


  Origami Master Yoda wrote @

u can basically make any star wars character out of the 5 fold method in book 2

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