SuperFolder Collin’s Cover Yoda!


  Superfolder Megan/Phred wrote @

wow totally stooky that is so realistic to the cover yoda that is the best cover yoda (besides THE cover yoda)i have ever seen it totally blows away my attemped good job SuperFolder Collin

  SuperFolder Sam wrote @

Ha! I just sent in a better one!

  eli wrote @

dont be a harvey am

  SuperFolder Sam wrote @

But… Can you post instrux?

  sealman wrote @

that. is. so. plastic. dinos.

  aaron wrote @

so stooky it looks so much like the real one!

  Hernandez wrote @

If I can figure out how and draw it well, I will post instrux. But I have tried several times to remake it, and they don’t always end up right. P.S. I lost him. :-(

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