Yodamation needs YOU!


I have a new thing Bobafett1212 and I MIGHT do. Key word in there is MIGHT, because we’re still thinking about it. It’s called (drumroll….) Yodamation!!!! (cricket sound). I know, cheap name, but we’ll make a sort of comic every month or so about Origami Yoda, but before we even THINK about starting, we have decided to ask the other Super Folders if it’s a good idea to add this in: Every “episode” will have a poll after it. If OY should do this or that, and they vote in the comments. Also, we need a poll now for this: Which one of these Yodas should be THE star of Yodamation. The first one is my own design made out of a rectangle, half sheet of paper, and I used the water bomb base, or the second one which if a modified 6 fold version of your 5 fold Yoda (this one has a hand). I for one think it SHOULD be the first one, but I want to hear from the other Super Folders First.
Happy folding,
-Yodamaster and Bobafett1212


  Darth Vader AKA Ani wrote @

Yodamation is a great idea! I don`t know which yoda should be the star without seeing a picture.

  Superfolder Noah(with new icon) wrote @

water bomb base Yoda

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

six fold Yoda!!!!!

  T@yler wrote @

I think we need a picture. Awesome idea though!

  SF Simon wrote @

Good idea! I can’t decide until I see pictures of the Yodas.

  Superfolder Alex wrote @


  Star Wars Fan Max wrote @

Water bomb base yoda! :)

  Ian wrote @

Good idea!

  Yodamaster wrote @

Oh wow, I forgot to upload the pics! Sorry guys, they’ll be on tonight most likely, I posted this comment in the morning, so I can;t post the pics right now, sorry for the mix up!

  SuperFolder JC wrote @


  Sf John wrote @

Yes and water bomb

  superfolder oscarH wrote @

yea definetly the first one.

  origamiyoda wrote @

this is a great idea

  sfjaxon wrote @

Awesome idea! but i think i need some pictures to decide.

  Superfolder Eash wrote @

I think the first one is the best.

  superfolder charlie b wrote @

can we have a picture?

  origamirocks wrote @

I think you should go with the real yoda (a.k.a. Cover yoda) P.S. Can I be apart of Yodamation Yodamaster and Bobafett1212 and Tom? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?!?!?! I already have some great ideas and if I cant I understand but I could still give you some ideas.

  Yodamaster wrote @

Everyone is part of it because there will be an opportunaty for super folders to say what they think should happen to OY. If one pops up frequentely, or we think one is REALLY good, it’s going to be in there. But as far as casting and productions go, thats for Bobafett1212 and I.

  Superfolder Zach wrote @

PLEASE LET ME HELP WITH PRODUCTION OR CASTING!!!! I love helping Superfolders and Tom and I want to be more of a help to yodamation then just voting what Yoda does (even though Yoda is the most important part)! Please let me help guys your my only Hope!

  tommytimmy wrote @

i think the 2nd one but post a pic

  Dani wrote @

6 fold yoda

  SuperFolder Jamin wrote @

I have an idea. Great idea though.

  Rymit the Superfolder wrote @

Original Yoda

  ben wrote @


  SF Trevor wrote @

let’s do it man

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