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SF Mia’s Origami Yoda family!

SF Elayna’s very very very small Origami Yoda!

SF Danny’s Fishgoth Yoda!

It’s been awhile since we had a Fishgoth Yoda around here. It’s a Yoda created by an origami dude who goes by the name Fishgoth online. (He’s a nice guy. I’ve been in contact with him in the past…) This is a particularly nice version of it…

Want to make a Fortune Wookiee?

It’s based on the traditional salt cellar/cootie catcher/fortuneteller. Try these instructions…

SF Eli’s R2!

Nice one, Eli!

Message from T@yler…

Hey Superfolders!
Its me T@yler and I just wanted to say I am so happy that my blog is now over 2,000 hits! All because of you! This made me so happy. Thanks


Congratulations, T!!

SF AndrewL joines the FWL!