Origami Luke Skywalker instructions by Superfolder Andrew

Awesome! Thanks for making the instrux!!!

No, Luke is way behind in the poll!!! Poor dude!



  SF Simon wrote @

These are some of the most detailed SuperFolder instructions I’ve ever seen! Way to go!

  SuperFolder MichaelT wrote @

Stooky scanned in instrux!

  stealth ninja wrote @

who is ahead in the polls?

  kenobi wrote @

hey mike t did you ever announce the winner of your contest

  Super folder Tristan wrote @

Andrew no offense but I cant read it

  Super folder Tristan wrote @

It is side ways

  harvy smells!! wrote @

just copy, and paste onto microsoft and spin it! I did that and it’s AWESOME!!!

7th comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  super folder matthew wrote @

i like it but its to hard make an easyer one

  justin wrote @

neat! there should be a book for oragami luke!

  superfoldermichael wrote @


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