SF Samy joins the Fortune Wookiee League x3!!!


  peyton100 wrote @

stooky first comment

  kheidan wrote @

that’s really cool but guys you think i should show you how to make a cool simple wookie !

  superfolder tommytimmy wrote @


  origamirocks wrote @

SF Sammy you are amazing ! You have a real gift!

  Superfolder Megan/Phred wrote @

that is like the most stookyest chewies ever

  kenobi wrote @

Those are awesome you are really good

  superfolder samy wrote @

Han foldo coming soon

  mattweb2000 wrote @

that has got to be the best fortune wookie ive ever seen any one besides toms wife make absolutely ever,

thats a lot coming from me.

  Yodamaster wrote @

Hey, did you use 2 fortune tellers, or did you make one, then put panels on it. I did the panel thing for my second one because that’s how Tom’s wife actually made it. I made my first one before I found that out from Tom. And guys, if you really want an authentic one, use scrapbooking paper!

  superfolder samy wrote @

Thanks for tip

  SuperBlogger Landon wrote @

Nice job!

  peyton100 wrote @

dude you need to start a website!

  oyitleader wrote @

not to be rude, but the last one looks almost like my design, mostly in the mustach feature.

  the green ninja wrote @

are you sure tom didnt give you the first one?

  Dwight wrote @


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