Fortune Wookiee! First look at the book!

I’m not allowed to give it away early… Sorry!


  Yodamaster wrote @

Is there going to be some special edition to barnes and noble only this time like DPSB. Maybe the Fortune Wookiee’s mouth opening and closing?

  starwarsfanmax wrote @

Actually, yes. I found out that the Barnes and Noble edition comes with a free FW for you to use.

  Super folder julio wrote @

But sir the odds that the Barnes and nobles edition comes with a free FW 7082 to 1 ( psst some one reply and say never tell me the odds )

  starwarsfanmax wrote @

Never tell me the odds! :D Also, not to be a Harvey, but on the website for Barnes and Noble, the cover says it has a free FW, and no other site that has the book cover says that.

  SuperFolder JC wrote @


  starwarsfanmax wrote @

Wait, you’re not allowed to give it away?! Then what’s the prize for the FW mega contest?

  Yodamaster wrote @

Most likwly a signed picture/ fortune wookiee or Han Foldo even!

  starwarsfanmax wrote @


  Origamimaster3000 wrote @

Ha-ha-how did you get the book?

  bobafett1212 wrote @

how many pages

  origamiluke100 wrote @

130 LIKE EVERY OTHEr book acoording to wikipedia

  starwarsfanmax wrote @

Anyone can edit Wikipedia, so that might not be true.

  origamiluke100 wrote @


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