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SF Eli’s C3P0!

State of the Blog Address


We have just one week to go until Fortune Wookiee comes out!!!

Last time, when Darth Paper came out, the site got REALLY REALLY BUSY! That will probably (hopefully) happen again.

Lots of new people will stop by and I hope a lot of them will think it’s cool and decide to stick around and become SuperFolders.

So, let’s give them lots of great stuff to look at!

I’m hoping you guys can help by sending me lots of especially stooky stuff starting on Aug. 6 or so.
If you’ve got any big plans, this would be a great time to go for it. Or if you’ve sent in say a plain white paper character before, maybe you’d like to color/decorate it and send it in again.

I would also like to have a list of links on the side of the blog, directing new SuperFolders to some of your blogs and Websites.
I don’t have a list of all of them, so if you want to be included please put your Website name and URL in the comments here. (Even if your blog is one I already know or have linked to before.)

Webmaster Sam is going to try to do a bit of moving things around here to hopefully improve the site, too.

So let’s get this place ready!

SF Houston joins the Fortune Wookiee League!

SF Houston is one of the lucky ones who got his copy of the book early!

And his came with a pre-printed sheet to fold your own Wookiee. He did that and then made an EXCELLENT Han Foldo to go with it.
Then he folded a fantastic Fortune Wookiee of his own.

I’m glad to know that the pre-printed sheets won’t necessarily stop people from making their own Wookiees!!!

Yodamaster’s Lightsaber!

Yodamaster says:

This is what I had gotten for Christmas the year that Revenge Of The Sith came out. I still use it sometimes. I almost sold it, but decided not to. These pictures used NO enhancements or computer graphic animation. Just a picture of the Lightsaber itself. And it is Anakin Skywalker’s/ Luke Skywalker’s.

SF Hansel’s LEGO movie contest…

Hey superfolders!I’m posting an exciting contest!You have to animate a lego video with and only
Lego DC,Marvel, and Star Wars minifigures.You can’t go on youtube and donload a video and saying it’s yours.The contest ends on August 18,2012.Good luck.PS there will be 2 prizes and 2 winners. :P

The Fantastic Fold: Rise of the Foil Surfer, and Some Other Stuff by SF Capone7

Wow!!! SF Capone7 joins the FW League, makes a funny Yoda and Hulk scene AND makes origami figures of my favorite Marvel superheroes: The Fantastic Four!!!!

Superfolder Sean’s Jawa Origami