State of the Blog Address


We have just one week to go until Fortune Wookiee comes out!!!

Last time, when Darth Paper came out, the site got REALLY REALLY BUSY! That will probably (hopefully) happen again.

Lots of new people will stop by and I hope a lot of them will think it’s cool and decide to stick around and become SuperFolders.

So, let’s give them lots of great stuff to look at!

I’m hoping you guys can help by sending me lots of especially stooky stuff starting on Aug. 6 or so.
If you’ve got any big plans, this would be a great time to go for it. Or if you’ve sent in say a plain white paper character before, maybe you’d like to color/decorate it and send it in again.

I would also like to have a list of links on the side of the blog, directing new SuperFolders to some of your blogs and Websites.
I don’t have a list of all of them, so if you want to be included please put your Website name and URL in the comments here. (Even if your blog is one I already know or have linked to before.)

Webmaster Sam is going to try to do a bit of moving things around here to hopefully improve the site, too.

So let’s get this place ready!


  SF bradley wrote @

Name: SF Bradley

  sfbradley1207 wrote @

Oops! I put my name! I’ll try again.

Name: Star Wars Folds

  starwarsfanmax wrote @

Name: SWF Max AKA SF Max

  starwarsfanmax wrote @

My website name is Max-igami.

  oscaru12345 wrote @

superfolder OscarU

  capone7 wrote @

i willtry to think of something big

  The Evil Jawa wrote @

Name: The Evil Jawa


  AustinM wrote @

Im getting my copy of TSOTFW tommorow and me, my bro, and my dad made a HUGE 5-fold Yoda out of a tarp so i’ll send that in in and my fortune wookiee!

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Well, this isn’t necessarily MY site, though I did create it:

and also, OscarU and my Origami Yoda Web Show Official Website!

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

Um Hi Blog
I’ll start folding immediately!

  origamiluke100 wrote @

name: Origami luke skywalker videos

  Um Hi Guy wrote @

Is that the actual chewie from the cover?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @


  AustinM wrote @

I just finished my copy and loved it! The end was (Han Foldo covers mouth) muuuuuhnuhhhhh Han: Sorry, kids… Just had to do it. FW: Brarrrrrrrrrr!

  jack of blades wrote @

Oh man,I got a bad feeling about this!I don’t know how to explan it,its crazy!I know some things bad is going to happen!

  SuperFolder MichaelT wrote @

name: My blog
Name:Origami masters & Aspiring Origami Masters

  Robby wrote @

Wow I think yall set a new record: Tom said webmaster Sam and yall haven’t even said his name within 16 comments.

  SF Xarl wrote @

The name is the same as the adress.

  Anakin Skywalker wrote @

Name: Star Wars Stuff

It`s mostly action figure stuff. I just started, and no views, so I`m not really sure yet.

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