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How to Fold an Origami Stormtrooper! from SF TomA…

Sam tells me we hit 3 million hits on! That is CRAZEE!
So, to celebrate, I thought I’d show you guys something I’ve been working on a long time… trying to come up with a fairly EZ Stormtrooper, which could be a puppet if small or an actual helmet if big…

Hope you have fun with it!

And thanks everybody for hanging out with me here at!

SF Daniel’s Origami!

SF CJ’s Origami General Grievous

Oh yeah! It’s 8-legged Cyborg Darth Maul!!!! by SF Trevor!

SuperFolder Rickie’s Origami Emperor Papertine and Carbonite Han Foldo!

SF Trevor’s ROTJ Luke!

I’m guessing this is Luke Skywalker MID-FLIP over the Sarlaac pit…

SF JacobP’s cool Star Wars origami from the book Star Wars Origami!