SF Capone7’s Van Jahnke Yoda Instrux!!!!

This is REALLY exciting! Instrux for an impossible fold! ( hmmm might have to use this in a book)

Good luck! It’s not easy!!!


  SuperFolder JC wrote @

I am speechless. This is Origami Yoda History in the making!

  neonblast12 wrote @

this is hard almost as hard as fumikai kawathha yoda

  Superfolder Jonas wrote @


  Robby wrote @

It’s soooo stooky you can’t put it in words… But you can in song:
The harveys all shudder at this____!
This creation of manliness_________!
You’re a really nice guy
So go eat some pie
And make the Harvey’s cry

  SuperFolder MichaelT wrote @

That is truly awesome. I just folded one.

  Minecraft-Lover Max wrote @

This is so stooky, that I wish I could click the Like button as many times as I wanted! :D Capone7 should be an ULTRAFOLDER! Yes, really! Can you make him an UltraFolder, please, Tom? :D

  capone7 wrote @

if you have questions or requests please ask in comments
check back for answers
and if someone gets it and wants to make video intrux that would be helpful

  Aiden wrote @

Make video instrux

  SF Jackson H wrote @


  oscaru12345 wrote @

1st page ok this ok
2nd page harder but still ok

  superfolder wicket wrote @

when you get to rolling up the head it’s impossible because the paper isn’t long enough

  Superfolder Noah wrote @

I used a half sheet of paper for the head.

  capone7 wrote @

oscaru: is your computer okay? the hands pretty much is pinching to form the fingers also go back and check to make sure you did everthing else right sometimes i get messed up because of messing up on a previous step
wicket: that is pretty hard you might need to adjust the pleats making them smaller or get a longer piece of paper

  Aiden wrote @

I just glued to pices of paper together

  dwight wrote @

my Yoda gave better advice!
do not use this Yoda the same way Harvy did.

  sffirk wrote @

Ez instux on the way!

  SB CJ wrote @

This will go in Origami Yoda History!

  Superfolder Noah wrote @

I can’t figure out 6b…

  Superfolder Noah wrote @

Nevermind, I got it… Probably gonna get stuck somewhere later, though…

  Superfolder Noah wrote @

Erm, capone7? My sister wants to know how old you are. :P

  capone7 wrote @

That’s classified

  capone7 wrote @

Actually I’m 113 dude I’m al Capone!

  Superfolder Jonas wrote @

HOLY PLASTIC DINOSAURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S TOTAL ROCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I folded one and it hard but it looks totaly STOOKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Superfolder Noah wrote @

Every time I do it the hands turn out way too low… :(

  Superfolder Noah wrote @

But I just made them even lower and turned them into feet. :P

  capone7 wrote @

You can add an extra fold and fold the arm part (hidden in the cloak) up higher after forming the hands

  oyitleader wrote @

uh, canope, when i was doing the head, there wasnt enough room for the yeys, like when i rooled it over.

  capone7 wrote @

Maybe you didn’t make the pleats large enough or you can use a longer piece of paper I actually used a piece of paper longer than the size in the instructions

  Kungfutyla wrote @


  turtle12 wrote @

i never got past step 22…is it optional!?!?!?

  capone7 wrote @

well that part forms the front of the cloak check to make sure you did the water bomb base fold right step twelve

  SF trevor wrote @

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so hard

  Super Folder Luke wrote @

When I did the pull on the X thing, my paper just ripped!

  capone7 wrote @

dont pull to hard its mostly just a bring it forward and fold while folding in the sides

  capone7 wrote @

and why do you have toms gravatar

  general greivouse wrote @

Plz make a video capone7 I got the head but no body aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh help me!!!!!!

  capone7 wrote @

i dont know if i can make video instrux

  superfolder charlie b wrote @

i failed miserably. =(

  superfolder charlie b wrote @

i tried again and failed again.

  superfolder charlie b wrote @

my head one isn’t round, and two i have 0 extra paper under my head.

  Yodmaaster wrote @

These make absolutely no sense to me!

  capone7 wrote @

are you stuck on a certain step cause i cant help if you dont get the whole thing

  capone7 wrote @

you can use a longer piece of paper for the head

  capone7 wrote @

the above comment was to charlie b

  Yodamaster wrote @

the wrap the paper part

  capone7 wrote @

just roll it into a cylinder shape but try to keep the ears out and the pleats intact

  Super Folder Topher wrote @

I got to the 4th step and ripped my paper into 23 (counted them) pieces.

  capone7 wrote @

i might make photo instrux like the deluxe yoda instux

  darkvirgo19 wrote @

stuck on twenty two!

  capone7 wrote @

put your finger where the finger in the picture and fold the cloak shut again but keep the oart where your finger is out
easier instrux coming satarday

  darkvirgo19 wrote @

i did not understand at first but i do Thanks!

  Harvey wrote @

How did you figure out how to do the Yoda?!

  capone7 wrote @

i dont know maybe it came in a dream

  sf OY guy wrote @

cool !

  sf OY guy wrote @

what is your real name ?

  SFSD Aeson wrote @

Massively bolt!

  capone7 wrote @

no comment

  capone7 wrote @

No reason for the no comment comment

  SF EthanC wrote @

I will make video instrux. You r welcome!!!! ;)

  The Foldmaster wrote @

Awestruck, I am.

  Super Folder Rex wrote @

It’s total rockets!😃😃😃 I couldn’t make the body though

  steadybat wrote @

thank you so much you are so cool

  Ace wrote @


  Ace wrote @

HELP ME CAPONE7!!!!!!!!!!!!

  yodataco wrote @


  yodataco wrote @

but hard

  yodataco wrote @


  yodataco wrote @


  yodataco wrote @

i love you angleberger!!!!!!!!!!

  yodataco wrote @


  yodataco wrote @

i like tacos.

  yodataco wrote @

oppa yoda style!

  yodataco wrote @


  yodataco wrote @


  yodataco wrote @

hey master yoda whatchya doin tonite i wanna see if youll train me !

  Harvey wrote @

…no comment

  SuperFolder Dark Knight wrote @

Yodataco, please stop spamming, this is an origami website!

  Logan wrote @


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