SF Capone7’s Van Jahnke Yoda Instrux!!!! » van jahnke instrux001

van jahnke instrux001


  SF Bradley wrote @

Holy finballs! That’s cool AND hard!

  The Evil Jawa wrote @


  SF Jackson H wrote @

My bros doing it right now! Good luck to him!

  SF Ben R wrote @

how do you do that!!! its impossible lol

  origami master wrote @

I made it it was hard

  bob wrote @

using the instrux 1 i made a yoda wall decor

  darthcjdude wrote @

Reblogged this on darthcjdude and commented:
so… Rember when I posted part 3 of van jahnke yoda? well heres part 1! (part 2 is coming up!)

  Thomas wrote @

I’m going to try this in a moment, but phew… doesn’t look quite easy… eh whatever. I BELIEVE :D

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