SF CJ’s Origami General Grievous


  superfolderjawa wrote @

PLease post intructions! STOOKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  superfolder charlie b wrote @

i second that!!!!

  karson wrote @


  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

Wow fizzpop

  Swape wrote @

That is awesome man

  superfolder Ethan wrote @


  general greivouse wrote @

Instructions plz

  Robby wrote @

I made a EZ grevious by modifying the five fold yoda.


i made a general grevious that is SIMALER to the han foldo

  turtle12 wrote @

i NEED instructions!!!!!!

  SB CJ wrote @

OK then! I will make the instrux!

  Scott McDanel wrote @

hey robbie try posting insrtux!!!!

  Robby wrote @

I’ll try but my moms computer doesn’t let us email Tom. And it’s RobbY not RobbIE

  luke skypaper wrote @

WOW that General Grievous is awsome if you send me some instrux i could wright a book and send it to tom :)

  luke skypaper wrote @

can you email anyone eles

  luke skypaper wrote @

you should call him general creseous

  luke skypaper wrote @

here are the instrux

1. Fold the top sides down, but at an angle, so that it kinda looks like the Cover Darth Paper helmet sides.

2. Fold both sides back, just at the tips of the “helmet.”

3. Turn Over.

4. Pull out the sides that we folded back, and fold both sides to form a point.

5. Squash-fold down the sides, and fold bottom tip behind.

6. Fold a quarter of the bottom up, so that the tip is facing down.

7. Do step 6. two more times, then fold the tip one more time, down OVER the zig-zag, forming a triangle-shape just under the side “edges.”

8. Fold both sides back, without completely folding back the edges, and fold the top down, to complete the helmet.

9. Draw face on, in-between helmet openings, and color the “beard” (the tip).

  Dean wrote @

can you tell the size and if it was a square sheet or rectangle?

  JDog wrote @

I need instrux for General.G!

  lukeskypaper wrote @

i think it was a rectangle im not sure

  SuperFolder TN wrote @


  jhill36 wrote @

coolest thing i ever seen

  Origami Yoda wrote @

add lightsabers you should

  yoda wrote @


  Wicket wrote @


  kas3482 wrote @

rectangle or square sheet?

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