And the next book will be….

Art2-D2’s Guide to Folding and Doodling: An Origami Yoda Activity Book

Coming in March!
(see, I told you it would be pretty soon!)

This IS a case file, but it’s Kellen’s case file. (Tommy gets a few words in, too. And — unavoidably! — so does Harvey!)

It will be full of instrux for all kinds of stuff. I am really excited about and have worked like crazy on it. I hope you guys are going to like it!!!

And what of Rabbski and The FunTime Menace? Stay tuned….


  SuperFolder JC wrote @


  Superfolder Empaper wrote @

Hey everyone! I think I figured out what the next OY boom will be about. I think it will be General Grevious since he’s in the 2nd book once, and the 3rd book quite a lot. Tom might have been dropping hints…..

  Superfolder Empaper wrote @

I meant OY book, not boom

  dude wrote @

There’s a new book? Pikpok Pete i didn’t know!!!!!!

  Joy Kirr wrote @

My 7th graders will love it!

  AustinM wrote @

so Rabbaski and the FunTime Menace is book 5? STOOKY! Im ultra excited

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Well…. that’s not the title… nor is there officially a Book 5…

  Bear Gun Productions wrote @

Is the title simliar to that …

  daniel wrote @

what will r2d2 look like on the cover

  awesome face 331 wrote @

sup tom its me alex i’m your bigest FAN YOU HAVE AWESOME BOOKS WHOS GOING TO BE ON THE NEXT BOOK?

  SuperFolder Landon wrote @

You are not I am! XD

  Superfolder Vaktus wrote @

NO I AM!!! >:(

  SF Robby wrote @

There is no biggest fan

  jason wrote @

what is book 4

  Colin wrote @

No offense, I mean seriously, no offense, but I would kind of liked the Rabbaski book first and THEN the activity book. But I still think the activity book is going to be fun.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

The important thing to know is that the activity bok is not delaying the next book in the series in any way!

  Jack Skellington wrote @

So who won the contest?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

I used a random number generator and it gave me the number 65. SF Trevor was the 65th comment, so I told him first and will send him something good as a prize…

  SF Ben R wrote @

Tom you also sent that email to me on accident.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

I apologize to anyone who got that early post… but then again you may have found out before anyone else…

  angel wrote @

What contest?

  Star Wars Fan Max wrote @

Plastic dinosaurs! :D

  Star Wars Fan Max wrote @

Reblogged this on Max-igami! and commented:
Yippee! OY4 is gonna have R2-D2 as the cover star! Yay! :D

  awesomesauce wrote @

Actually it’s the activity book, not OY4

  SW Ricky wrote @


  superfolder charlie b wrote @


  sullybeast wrote @

Sweet cant wait! Plus march is my bday month!!!!!

  liam childs wrote @

I’ts also mine!

  hanselsblog wrote @

I think the time has come. Me and Tom were the only ones who realy new about this before you guys.You could of known if you went to and search for origami yoda. It would show you all of the books + this one but with no cover available.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Yes, good detective work, Hansel!

  hanselsblog wrote @

Oh and Tom, Can we send in instrux for your book?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

No, but keep sending them in for the site…

  Daniel wrote @

Tom put in your version of my instrux

  Retired Superfolder wrote @

So it will be, like, an origami yoda colouring book kind of?

  Robby wrote @

No it won’t he knows that most super folders don’t like coloring books. It’s probably going to be like the diary of a wimpy kid do it yourself book.

  Retired Superfolder wrote @

That’s what I meant.

  sf John wrote @


  superfolderHenryF wrote @


  sf John wrote @

Reblogged this on yodavsdarth.

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Reblogged this on Origami Yoda: The Expanded Universe and commented:
So, for those of you on the EU…..
read Artoo and R2 in order to prepare yourselves!!!

  luke skypaper wrote @

cool and tom i have now done half of the book i am writing the mystery of luke sky paper i have got to change the instrux though

  bobafett1212 wrote @

awsome and my birthday is in march

  SF AdamR wrote @

This book is total stookiness!!!!! So what about fun time menace, will that become a book 5?

  Retired Superfolder wrote @

Well, this isn’t officially Book 4, is it? It’s just the first OY activity book? Not part of the main story series.

  SF AdamR wrote @


  Tom Angleberger wrote @

It is a bit complicated…

  Bear Gun Productions wrote @

I think will be a midquel something that happens within another book or movie.

  SF Andy wrote @

Tom, I am basically trying to win. General G is in other books, HELLO??!! I’m a jerk. Subscribe PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Superfolder Vaktus wrote @

He wont say yes is you beg :P

  Kungfutyla wrote @

Yeah is it part of the actual series or is it EU?

  Bear Gun Productions wrote @

I think its going to be like in the Percy Jackson series with the book The Demigod Files has a few short stories of a couple of interviews on characters with a map of the main setting and some other things. The Art2-D2 will probably have a load of instrux by Tom, drawing skills, some other activities and maybe a short story or two.

  SF Andy wrote @

Just an activity book :(

  Superfolder Anakin Skywalker wrote @

I kinda agree.

  SF Andy wrote @

Can I make a game called Yoda Squad?

  SF Andy wrote @


  Rymit wrote @

I’m happy about the book, but mad that I didn’t go on the site yesterday. I know it’s doubtful, but Webmaster Sam, do you think there would be an exception for a late entry?

  Retired Superfolder wrote @

The winner has already been chosen.

  Superfolder Alex wrote @


  Bear Gun Productions wrote @

why is there an 8 on art2 is this a hint to 8 books in the series?

  Robby wrote @

No that’s just the little arm things on artoo drawn for art2

  CreeperLover Artoo wrote @

YES!!!! This will be like an official Artoo-Gami book! Y’know, I was thinking of coming back to my site… maybe I’ll change its adress to Art2-Gami!

  Star Wars Fan Max wrote @

Yeah! Artoo-Gami (or Art2-Gami) should have a big celebration! Because when we were trying out to figure out who the cover star of OY3 was gonna be, I thought it would be R2-D2, and you said that if it was Artoo, Artoo-Gami would have a big celebration! :D

  Bear Gun Productions wrote @

tom you going on tour if so are you going to minnesota?

  Superfolder Princess wrote @

Tom? Are you going to do a thing by putting the SF names into the book? Or is this different?

  spencer wrote @

hi tom its about the artoo book will you use superfolders designs?

  origamiluke100 wrote @

could you add some of the kids instrux?

  SF Andy wrote @

Tom, can you e-mail me? I’m tempted to hear from you!

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Send me an email any time you like…

  nickthebadger wrote @


  yoda275 wrote @

will u do aknolegements like book 3?

  capone7 wrote @

are you gonna use my van jahnke yoda instrux?

  Bear Gun Productions wrote @

The beggining will probably have kellen say that tommy suggested that he should pile all of the instrux together or something. the book will probly be full of all tom’s official instrux and kellens how to draw sketches and probly have a mini story or 2.

  Robby wrote @

It’s probably going to be like the diary of a wimpy kid do it yourself book only with some of the cliffhanger continued.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Not at all…

  Robby wrote @

Then is it like some comics by kellen and instructions and how to draw stuff

  Robby wrote @

Wow suprised this doesn’t have more comments

  SW Ricky wrote @

Stooky! So, this is all Kellen’s case file? Just a little bit of Tommy, and sadly, a bit of Harvey? STOOKIO! :)

  sf OY guy wrote @

cant it come out sooner?

  Turtle wrote @

I think this book will be so awesome!!! The other books were great and I bet this one will be awesome too!!!

  SF JacobB wrote @

Fun Time Menace Phantom Menace
its the same thing i knw tom sed rabbski and the fun time menace wasnt official name of OY4 but its either darth maul or papertine plus ben
made a darth maul (dwight file)
PS art2 book looks stooky

  anthony wrote @

Hey tom I’m a big fan and I’m kind of confused by the “activity” book but I’m thinking maybe make an amazing book about ALL the origami stuff I.mean I really think snot trooper would be really stooky to make and on the cover just put pics of ur favorite origami star wars and I just found out how to make jabba the hut and it freaking stooky! not to be “greedo”but I really want to know how to make all of the origami and once agqin big gan e or something if u want but big fan

  Yodamaster wrote @

this may have that top secret armed yoda tom made.

  SF AdamR wrote @

When will u reveal the cover Tom????

  mattweb2000 wrote @

Awesome! That was way quicker than expected! So are you going to make an r2 for the cover or draw one?

  superfolderparker wrote @

yeah i hope its cool

  superfolderparker wrote @


  mattweb2000 wrote @


  ZACHARY wrote @

THAT IS RIGHT MATTWEB2000!!!!!!!and how did you get the dwight picture!?!?

  Robby wrote @

Tom i have a question about the pre printed FW paper: what size envelope?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

A regular business size envelope will be find. (I’ll fold it to fit…)

  Robby wrote @

Ok thanks I’ll tell my mom

  kevin wrote @

Cool tom I will tell my mom to

  TYSON wrote @

How much instrux will it have exactly Tom?Please reply.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

About 180 pages worth!

  Robby wrote @

Stooky fizz pop slugbugness!

  Daniel wrote @

MaSsively stooky

  yodacole wrote @


  SF Dwight wrote @


  Superfolder Alex wrote @

ooh! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!! 180 pages of origami stookiness!

  drewthemasterfolder wrote @

It’s available FOR PRE-ORDER!!!!! PLASTIC DINOSAURS!!!! Comes out on March 1st!!!!!

  luke wrote @

What will book 4 will b called tom

  luke wrote @

oops i meant book 5

  SF JacobB wrote @

Tom i know you sed 180 pages but exactly how many instrux are there?

  vipyodaclub wrote @


  Josh wrote @

Tom, will it be another year before the 4th book is released?

  ZACHARY wrote @

well after this year in march 2013 it will come out.(I looked around toms website and found out).

  luke wrote @

Its in march

  luke wrote @

Yoda+Rabbiski=BAttle my favorite math problem

  luke wrote @


  sffirk wrote @

Tom!is this book gonna be like the captain underpants drawing book!

  zachary wrote @

ummm, well I don’t know sffirk,but I hope it’s really gonna be a AWESOME one!!!

  ZACHARY wrote @

TOM,how do I change the picture of that triangle!?!?!?

  ZACHARY wrote @

it’s the triangle picture with the glasses.

  Superfolder Anakin Skywalker wrote @

Is there going to be a plot?

  superfolderparker wrote @

really tell me when it will come out tom?

  origamimaster3000 wrote @

R2-D2 is gonna look awesome!

  Jedi Knight Origami Master wrote @

what is the real next book in the saga?
will the next character be like a darth sidious? it will be really funny if it turned out principal rabbski is taking directions from a oragami palpatine…. that will actually be ironic… well (Future superfolder) out Nanoo nanoo

  jedi master yoda wrote @

I made an R2-D2 And its awsome!

  R2-FOLD2 wrote @

HOLLY Jellow!

  mattweb2000 wrote @

will something we know already be in there,

like…. stormtrooper

or can i expect to see snot trooper instrux?

  James Low wrote @

Yoda VS Rabbiski

  Hernandez wrote @

Will This book have (assumable) instrux for yoda?

  Gage wrote @

FunTime Menace = Phantom Menace. And Yoda = A New Hope. Vader = Empire Strikes Back. Chewie/ Han = Return of the Jedi. So next book should have Qui Gon Jin and Darth Maul with FunTime Menace as the title. Then Attack of the Clones = Clone and Droid. Clone Wars = Ventress and Dooku. Revenge of the Sith = Obi Wan Kenobi and Emporer Papertine. You can come up with the paper/origami related titles Tom.

  SF Robby wrote @

Tom doesn’t do things that dont have the name of the cover star in them

  SuperfolderDJ wrote @


  darknessthenrednessthenwhiteness wrote @

I thought it was gonna be another one of ur novels like it would be “mystery of origami D2 ” or something.
P.S. I hope the fortune wookie book will be at my book fair!

  palpatine wrote @

can’t wait!!!!!!

  Liam Dougherty wrote @


  SF JacobB wrote @

Tom im about to send you improved instrux for remis ewok if you havent finished the art 2 book you may even put them in art 2

  hello wrote @

Hi tom i lov ur books do u no when the 4th book is going to b out not the activity one but the one following on 2 the 3rd book because i want 2 no if its goin 2 b out in janaury or christmas so i can get it thanks:)

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

The activity book is out in March.

IF there is another book it will probably be out in August, 2013….

  hello wrote @


  luke wrote @


  luke wrote @


  luke wrote @

anyone here

  crazy cat wrote @

i am

  SF JacobB wrote @

I cant wait for march. Tom your books are the best! And exactly how many instrux are in the book?

  jim wrote @

what is book 5 called? aswer please!

  Darthorangejuice wrote @

The 5 th book needs to be general greivious as cover origami

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