SF Sully’s Gruncle Stan instrux!


  Superfolder Kikievie wrote @

I’m guessing he won, right? Also, first First comment

  sam wrote @


  origamiyodahelper wrote @

ha ha ha…………… second comment……

  bobafett1212 wrote @

he looks like me and yodamaster on weekends.

  Gravity Falls Fan Max wrote @

That photo of Grunkle Stan is him watching The Duchess Approves, starring Sturly Stembleburgiss as The Duchess, and Gramtpon St. Rumpterfrabble as Saunterblugget Hampterfuppinshire. :D

  AustinM wrote @

Kids! I can’t find the remote!
(Duchess finishes line) Yeah, you tell her! It’s just like my life! …In a way.
Ah, the wedding. I’ve waited so long for this! Saunterbugglet Hampinfuppinshire? You had your chance at the catillion, you! (Guy in movie says same line) That’s what I’m sayin! (throws TV out window a dipper and Mabel walk by) Uh…. I couldn’t find the remote.

  Gravity Falls Fan Max wrote @


  Gravity Falls Fan Max wrote @


  Gravity Falls Fan Max wrote @


  sullybeast wrote @

YAHHHHHH wait… what

  obi- john- kenobi wrote @


  Super Folder Topher wrote @

You took my advice and made Gruncle Stan. STOOKY.

  Ethan Darth Vevelvis wrote @

make a origami Dipper or Sues 13th comment

Peanut butter chocolate makes the mornin time epic

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