SuperFolder Dennis’s origami darth maul


  jedi master yoda wrote @

More like tusken raider

  dennis wrote @

who’s tusken raider

  samigami1221 wrote @

O, hi dennis. Well, A tusken raider, not Tusken Raider like a person, they live on Tatooine. Their heads are ussually rapped in this bandage stuff and they have goggles poking out through the bandage. They have spikesm that are flat at the top, also coming through the bandage at the top of their heads. They have weird mask things that go over their mouths and they yell ALOT. Like, in a really weird animal way. They either carry a rifle or they have a staff thing. One end is curled and is meant to HIT, really hard. It looks like a curved ball with a dull spike at the end. The o ther end is sharply pointed, and always has poison on it. One stab, one kill. They wear tattered clothes and robes, and ussually stay on the high ground and look down to find victims. You can witness what they look like in the first episode of Star Wars, when Luke is robbed and attacked. He was attacke by Tusken Raiders. SO, I hope this gives u an idea of what they look and act like. Also, u can just look ’em up on ur computer. They’re pretty cool, and it would be AWESOME is one of them had a light saber. Well, hope u like my info! Stay stooky!

  SuperFolder Boba Fett wrote @

You my friend sure do know ALOT about tuskens,good to know because i only thought they were some race on tatooine

  Dwight wrote @

Wow u sure do now about tusken raderz :D

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