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Origami Yoda and Friends Costume Gallery!!!

WOW! I had no idea the costumes would be THIS STOOKY!!! Amazing!!! Great job everybody!!!
And if you made a costume but haven’t mailed it in yet, don’t delay…


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Pumpkin Yoda from SF VR!

Costumes coming soon…

SFs stay tuned for gallery of amazing costumes!!! (Don’t worry, contest remains open…)

The big Disney news…

Just to be clear:

Have I heard? Yes, I have heard the news… Read the rest of this entry »

SF ChadY’s new Origami Jones!

NorthEast and Mid-Atlantic SuperFolders! We hope you are all okay after Hurricane Sandy!

Webmaster Sam and I hope none of you were hurt by the storm! As you get your power and Internet back, I hope you’ll leave a comment to let us know you’re okay.

As for us, we’re quite fine, haven’t even gotten much snow, just a lot of wind, cold and wet. So, we’re much more concerned about you folks up there and look forward to hearing from you that all is well…

May the Force be with you!

Green/brown Origami Yoda folding paper now at Big Lots!

Pretty sure this is the right stuff! Didn’t buy any since I stocked up last year… But for the rest of you this is your big chance to fold your best ever Origami Yoda with green head and brown robe! And it’s just $3.50!