Green/brown Origami Yoda folding paper now at Big Lots!

Pretty sure this is the right stuff! Didn’t buy any since I stocked up last year… But for the rest of you this is your big chance to fold your best ever Origami Yoda with green head and brown robe! And it’s just $3.50!


  SuperFolder JC wrote @


YES!!! FINALLY!!!!!!

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @


  SuperFolder Landon wrote @

I got that stuff last year! Still have a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

  superfolder charlie b wrote @

i got some last year, but if i see one i’ll probably get it

  Yodamaster wrote @

Funny, last year, it was $2.50. I’ll get some anyway. I get like 2 rolls per year. My last supply is still there, but it got crushed by many boxes. I still find shlivers of it on my floors and in my drawrers. By the way, has anyone heard about the new Skylanders game: Skylanders Battlegrounds? It’s coming in 2013 for your IPad, IPod, or IPhone. It comes in a starter pack with 3 figures, and a game add on piece, and the portal for this particular game.

  SF Tom wrote @

how does it have figures if its on an
ipod or iphone

  SF Tom wrote @

look for the paper on

  SF Tom wrote @

try: paperplastic

  SF Tom wrote @

i mean paper and plastic

  Daniel wrote @

Is it in fredricksburg . Virgina?

  SF Tom wrote @

i have know idea where it is and P.S try find a store

  SD CJ wrote @


  Tudor wrote @


  Tudor wrote @

i mean where do you by it?

  Eric de Guzman wrote @

I wouldn’t think this will be available at all BigLots location. Is it possible to buy this online. If so, which online store (Amazon, Target,, etc.) what search keywords can I use?

  jake wrote @

I just mastered the deluxe cover yoda so im really excited

  jake wrote @

but I don’t know if it will be anywhere in utah

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