NorthEast and Mid-Atlantic SuperFolders! We hope you are all okay after Hurricane Sandy!

Webmaster Sam and I hope none of you were hurt by the storm! As you get your power and Internet back, I hope you’ll leave a comment to let us know you’re okay.

As for us, we’re quite fine, haven’t even gotten much snow, just a lot of wind, cold and wet. So, we’re much more concerned about you folks up there and look forward to hearing from you that all is well…

May the Force be with you!


  Yodamaster wrote @

we are fine in ri. i did not lose power.

  Scott McDanel wrote @

I is ok to I got a day off school stocky! total rockets!

  Ethan Clark wrote @

I am from Maine. I lost power a couple times for a short time. It’s SF EthanC.

  Yoda De’Ante wrote @

I have no school today so here I am.
I am in Pennsylvania.not to bad just a lot of wind.

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

ya im in PA too we had harsh wind and lots a rain buy power is good

  SuperDrawer Jesse wrote @

Im also in PA and we started school on wednsday. Friday is conference day, so 2 days of school and no homework! But a girl in my class’s house that was being built got smashed by a tree so they have to redo the build

  sfjacksonh wrote @

I lost power for about 10 seconds and it was really windy and rainy, but that’s it.

  Sean wrote @

I didn’t lose power,but there were some funny coincidences like me being warm in the basement since the basements freezing cold

  YODAMASTER wrote @


  YODAMASTER wrote @

I’m NOT a she. And YES I read it. Disney doesnt ruin everything. What ruins everything is Nick and Cartoon Network. I am open minded to the idea of an episode 7. I am very excited to see it, not hating it and being stubborn like other people who i’ve seen throw on a riot for no reason.

  Robby wrote @

Sorry for my outburst. Iam exited now. Maybe this is OYs big chance. Hopefully Disney will let Tom make more books and maybe even get us the moie we’ve been wanting. I would be a good Dwight exept I am taller than my mom, but that can be easily fixed by crouching. Maybe I can get an audition in to you. But I do think that he should have sold it to CN because they already own the clone wars. But still. I like Disney.

  SuperDrawer Jesse wrote @

Omg dude I should be Murky!

  Robby wrote @

I am safe in this dry state. I wish sandy flooded my town though. In this part of Texas, we have a drought.


I had to go to school today, I’m alright, I’m just upset that I had school when their was snow, it was freezing, and some windows broke AND it was hailing all day today! Good to here your ok

  SuperDrawer Jesse wrote @

We lost power for like, 2 hours. But were fine.

  Yodamaster wrote @

Ok, I don’t codem using that language on this site. Calm down. It’s my personal opinion. This is why Tom threatens to take comments off a lot of posts. I’ve never gone on this site and told someone to shut up, but I have asked them to not state their opinions in harsh ways. I kind of got carried away, but there is absolutely no reason for you to tell me to shut up.

  Yodamaster wrote @

Ok, here’s the problem with Lucasfilm selling the franchise to CW or Nick. For one, niether of those companies make movies good enough or popular enough to make in in the theaters, so that alone would make people complain more. Second of all, Lucas stated that one of the many reasons he sold it do Disney was because of the parks. I mean as of now, there is SW weekends and Star Tours, but think about what disney can do. They could make a whole park dedicated to the entire franchise or more! This REALLY excites me. It should also excite SW fans. As of now, this prequalist and originalist thing is kind of like waving out becase of 7-9. Who knos, many fans may turn into new republicists. I don’t really see any flaws with Disney doing this. People think they ruin everything, but look at MARVEL. Disney owns that. And, soe people think the violence will be removed from SW, but there wasn’t that much in the first place. If any company is good with doing what the fans want, it’s Disney.

  Robby wrote @

This might be our chance for an OY movie. And I didn’t call you a she, I called the lady from the article a she.

  sf Coop macnicholl wrote @

Exactley Yodamaster thats what I told my friends!

  HamzahF9 HAF wrote @

I’m fine. Luckily, I didn’t lose power, But I Know a few folks who lost power.
I live in New Jersey and our governer made Halloween November 5th

  HamzahF9 HAF wrote @

I got a whole week off from school. Thats what I call total rockets.

  Obi/wan wrote @

That was a terrible storm, But I, SF Will, was ok!

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