SF Dom’s Origami Yodaverse


  jedi master yoda wrote @

Is that a darth yoda

  superfolder dom wrote @


  darth shelby wrote @

Stooky dinosoar

  tom anglburger wrote @

Yes jedi master yoda

Is my r2 you converted up there?

  superfolder dom wrote @

yes. That one in the top left corner is one of them. I converted it into a yoda.

Awesome! I think I know how you converted it!

scratch i think. I konw! I made one and I”m soon seding in all my yoda’s.( that is your design my desighn for cover yoda and toms)!

I also converted the yoda you converted int aerail akbar!ps- you might want to fold top of the head back 1/4 so the ears line up right!

Can I put the converted yoda in my next instruction book?

  superfolder dom wrote @

Yes. It would be fantastic. Just put my name on it too and wait for them to come up on the website as well so you know for sure how to do it.

Thanks! I am looking forward to it!

Well the only difference is i fold the top down for the head.

Oh and use a green/brown sheet of paper and have green facing down

  DoomKnight15 wrote @

how long did it take

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