News and updates….

Howdy folks! Here’s what’s happening on OY land…

1. Just a couple days left to enter the contest to make origami based on OTHER books. See that post up top for details…

2. Speaking of contests, this is the last call for PUDDINGPOWER. You won the giant Wookiee, but if you don’t contact me ASAP, I’ll give it to someone else…

3. We’ll probably be doing a digital signing shortly after the holidays, for anyone who got a book for the holidays and wants it signed. (Or for anybody that just wants a new doodle…) So stay tuned.

4. Should have some big news for you soon…

5. Chris Alexander and I are getting together in Seattle in about a month to do a big Star Wars origami event for librarians!

6. Today and tomorrow are my last public events of the year. Tonight’s is at a B&N just a few miles from the real McQuarrie. (It’s the Roanoke Virginia Tanglewood B&N, if you want to come) Tomorrow’s is a place called the Draper Mercantile in Draper, Virginia.

7. Art2D2 is FINALLY finished. (I think). We just made a few last minute tweaks and now it should be ready for the printer! And then it should come to a store near you in just 3 months or so!!!!


  SuperFolder JC wrote @

:) Sounds cool!

PS Where is the “real” McQuarrie Middle? (Or, at least, the place that inspired it…)

  sf DaMIeN wrote @

was the contest randomly chosen?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Yes, the Wookiee contest had a random winner…. the book contest will be judged…

  The Evil Jawa wrote @

I might come tonight! I want you to sign my Fortune Wookiee and Fake Mustache! Look for me! I might be there! Maybe.

  The Evil Jawa wrote @

What time is it? Because I’m seeing the Hobbit at 5.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

It’s at 6…. guess you’ll be watching Bilbo adventure with the Trolls about then….

  Parrish j wrote @

Tom is there going to be a5th book

Im sent my entrance to you in the book #1 so I cant get them. If the book doent get to you by tommorow I cant send an entrance!

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