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Fake Mustache Party at a South Carolina school!

SF JC’s The Chosen One Fan Story

Have you ever wondered what happened to Dwight’s dad? And the dog?
SF JC took that question and created his own book. I’ll let him explain:

SF JC says: My story, "The Chosen One" on the Origami Yoda EU, is FINALLY finished for Origami Yoda EU Week! It’s the story that crosses over The Week of the Papertine Saga and The Fold of the Rings! It’s the longest, biggest, most guest-star filled story on the EU!!!

This story I wrote is literally based on one line in Fortune Wookiee (paraphrased):
"Dad took the dog," said by Dwight. From there, I created the story of how Dwight tries to find his father! I mean, that’s what I always wanted to do with the Expanded Universe: EXPAND the Origami Yoda Universe!

Here’s how to automatically contribute to the SuperFolder Newspaper!

SF Megan/Phred says:

Dear SuperFolders the newspaper hasn’t been doing very good beacause it seems that all the SuperFolders are busy SO my sulotion is if you comment below with you sf name that means you allow me to put any origami/doodles/story’s that you have up on any origami Yoda related sites ( if you still want to send me somthing specific you still can) but this way I can choose from your stuff! If you get put in I will contact you so you can see it as always you don’t have to its just a segestion thanks and
Have a fizzpop day!

R2D2 and Art2D2 — ALA Photos!

For the big Star Wars origami show at the American Library Asssociation meeting in Seattle, my dream was to have an appearance by R2D2 himself!
And it came true!

R2D2 himself was there, thanks to Bob Jacobsen, an amazing Star Wars fan who not only built his own Art2, but is also great at helping R2 put on a great show via remote control.

Here’s a shot of me, R2 and Bob, along with a photo from the performance… (more to come…)

SF Finn’s Origami Yoda head instrux!

SF Lorenzo and Company present: Luke I Am Your Folder

SF Saxon’s Origami Luke!

This fold looks like it has a lot of potential for other characters, too! Saxon is going to try to make us some instructions!