Contest to celebrate Clone Wars Excitement!

The Clone Wars just had its 100th episode and it was a great one! And it was part of a terrific story arc, where R2, a few other astromechs are led on a secret mission by a …. Salamander sort of Commander named Colonel Gascon! That story arc wraps up next week…


So your mission is to make R2D2, Gascon and any other droids or characters from this story arc that you want and photograph all of them in a single picture, hopefully posed for action.

Stookiest photo wins…. A piece of ORIGINAL ART from Art2D2!!

Email photos to contest . Deadline is Saturday, Jan 12.


  Alex larson wrote @

Tom i will get right on it!!!!!!! I really want to win a contest this is my first one!! All my friends say i’m the origami master of my town so i am going to try

  Super folder Saxon wrote @

This is my first one, too!😃😊

  josh bell wrote @

also my frist contest

  super folder Taivin wrote @

I love it when a stooky old contest comes out!:)

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

WAC!!! I LOVE that Pit Droid!

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

i totally love that! i like q-t-k-t a lot cuz it was based on a real girl! get it cutie katey! i also love R2!

  superfolder wicket wrote @

did anybody notice the first reference to kotor in the clone wars?

  aboudi768 wrote @

Yep. Pretty weird though. Maybe it foreshadows a future episode. Can’t wait!:)

  superfolder wicket wrote @

i think im going to try to make BZ w/ Gascon inside

  sf John wrote @


  darthnoah wrote @

Yay! This’ll be my first time entering a contest, and I’m super excited! Now, if only I can get my mom to let me some episodes……

  Yodamaster wrote @

I feel sick…. just thinking about htis episode….

  AustinH wrote @

another contest? looks like a great one.I am sooooooooooooo in. An origanal piece from Art2.Stoooooooky x3 ps.tom, can you just do r2?

  Superfolder Anakin Skywalker wrote @

Oh…I couldn’t….but I certainly want to.

  padawanbryce11 wrote @

I cant do it because I didnt watch it.

  jwhitec5 wrote @

Its on
copy and paste.

  Christian Chang wrote @

Tom, can I draw the picture instead?

  Sam wrote @

i don’t think so and origami gascon is going to be easy(p.s. using mom’s wordpress)

  Christian Chang wrote @

Did u get my email mr. Angleberger? I don’t no if it got sent or not

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

I got it!

  Sam wrote @

can i make a pit droid?

  shavod 98 wrote @

Did all of my astromechs inspire you to do this contest?

  shavod 98 wrote @

hey, by the way Tom, do my earlier astromechs count that i sent in just a little before you put this post up? Im also going to send another one out later.

  SF Brady wrote @

Can we make your R2-D2 or do we need our own

  SF Riley! wrote @

I just sent an entry! Maybe I’ll win or be 1st to enter!
~SF Riley

  Super folder Saxon wrote @

Personally, if I win, I would just be happy I won.

  aboudi768 wrote @

Can we make Gregor?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @


  Christian Chang wrote @

Mr angleberger, please tell me if you got my email or not!

  Tudor wrote @

please giveme more time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Robby wrote @

I thought gascon was more of a frog than a salamander. But you can’t fry him and he cant hop.

  SF ZaneK wrote @

tom when will you announce the winner?

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