Art2D2’s secrets are being revealed! —> ChapStik Rocket!

I just heard from a SuperFolder who discovered a huge SNEAK PEEK of Art2D2 hidden somewhere on the Internet!!!! It even includes the Table of Contents!
You can go looking for it if you want…. meanwhile, here’s the complete book description, which may reveal a thing or two, also! For instance, I guess it’s now officially… Art2D2 will include instructions for making your own ChapStik rocket, just like Dwight does!!!! (also, I’m apparently "beloved")

And it’s all coming on March 26! Not long at all!!!!!!

Stick figures to the dark side only lead! To doodle like a Jedi you must learn!

With this companion to the blockbuster bestselling Origami Yoda series, beloved author Tom Angleberger—with the help of the kids from McQuarrie Middle School—presents young Padawans with dozens of activities from the Star Wars universe. Padawans can learn how to fold R2-D2 and C-3PO, draw Jabba, and even build a fully functioning ChapStick rocket!

Other Force-mastering activities include: “Kellen’s Guide to Cool Letters,” “Mike’s Complete Rules and Tips for Pencil Pod-Racing,” “Rhondella’s Tips for Photographing Origami,” and much more!

With Tom Angleberger’s goofy sense of humor and accessible art style, Art2-D2’s Guide to Folding and Doodling is sure to satisfy and inspire the millions of Origami Yoda and Star Wars fans. May the doodles be with you!

Includes 16-page color insert with 10 pages of colored pull-out origami paper; instructions to make Yoda, Darth, C-3PO, Admiral Ackbar, and R2-D2; a section on photographing your origami creations, and two Star Wars backdrops to photograph them against.


  Super noahv wrote @

I found it

  Super noahv wrote @

And I told Tom

  Super noahv wrote @

(Spoiler) their on amulets or Abrams website just search art2d2

  sonic12012 wrote @

Its not working for me why? :( O_O?

  starwarsfolder12 wrote @

Tom, you are DEFINETLY beloved!
PS:March 26!!!! I can’t wait! (really, I can’t wait).

  elijah aka harvey wrote @

me to

  starwarsfolder12 wrote @

Reblogged this on art2gami and commented:
The date is March 26!!!!!! Coming faster then you can say “STOOKY!!”.

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Hey, Tom, does this mean you can put up my Art2D2 Book Trailer now?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Let’s do it!

  AustinM wrote @

I e-mailed Tom about a week ago and asked him gdkjhvhvshhvfhufh. He said none and nothing. My question shall remain secret until Art2 is out.

  SF Gavin W wrote @

Since I am super impatient I tried to go find it… But I couldn’t find anything, Sometimes I wonder if Google actually works….

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

that is fizzpop to the stookyth power times monsterly awesome rockets plastic dinos! ( multaplyed by twenty)

  origamirocks wrote @

Somebody please tell me where it is. I need to know!

  padawanbryce11 wrote @


  sf samuel wrote @

Is it march 26 yet, now , how bought now ,HOW LONG IS THIS GONNA TAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

Reblogged this on A SuperFolders Blog and commented:
so fizzpop!

  awesomesauce2 wrote @

Isn’t March 26 Platypus Day?

  dakotastedman wrote @

What in the world?

  No-name wrote @

i cant wait! shoot ppls i out!

  SF Roberto wrote @

AWESOME, I looked in my local book store but it is still not there though

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