Actors needed for Origami Yoda: The Series – Season 2

SF JC says:

Origami Yoda: The Series – Season 2 is coming up soon (don’t worry, The Twist and The Tragic Death are STILL being worked on for Season 1), but we need some actors to play more parts! I know a lot of SFs have wanted to be in the show, so now’s their chance!

What we (me and Megan/Phred) are doing for Season 2: Darth Paper Strikes Back, is we want every SF to play their favorite character, if they want. So, we’ve decided that every Season (OY, DP, FW, OY4…) we will change the actors’ roles, so that everyone gets a fair chance.
Currently, SF DarthNoah is to play Tommy, my friend Simeon will play Kellen, SF Hansel will play Murky, and ??? is to play Mrs. Rabbski.

But we still need these characters:

Skate Brat (I think I promised SOMEONE about it…)

Mrs. Calhoun (Anybody have a mom who’s willing?)

Rhondella Carrasquillo (Any girls out there?)

Some of the cast is staying on-board, since they haven’t been on the show as long as others, such as SF Tony playing Dwight, SF Megan/Phred playing Caroline, SFs CJ and Max playing Mike and Quavondo, etc. Evil Jawa and I will probably play SOMEONE, but we will not be reprising our previous roles. (Am I over explaining this?) — UPDATE: DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND, JC may be Harvey again…


  Gravity Falls Fan Max wrote @

Can I play Tommy, please?

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Sorry, dude,already casted! (Remember, you’ll STILL be Tater Tot, though! And the Tater Tot episode will come up sooner or later…..)

  sf_philip wrote @

Is Dwight casted already?

  sf_philip wrote @

Sorry didn’t read that Tony is playing dwight

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

And….. Quick announcement…..

I’M BACK!!! Harvey/JC forever!!! (Or, at least, until Season 3…..)

  Noah wrote @

YEAH! I got the part!!!!

  AustinM wrote @

I’ll be the Brat!

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

If you want! Just email Megan/Phred at

  Alex larson wrote @

Dang so i cant play harvey i have my own cover vader:(:( :'(

  Alex larson wrote @

Jc if i want a part i would be any one you pick but i want harvey the mostx) but i live by saskatoon so how would i act or be in seens?

  AustinM and NovaC wrote @

Alex, you just have to email whatever your assignment is to JC.

  Robby wrote @

I thought Landon was still dwight only he didn’t do it on time once.

  Austin h wrote @

I’ll be the brat!

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Alex Larson, just send me your audition, and maybe you can still play Harvey! And the 2 Austins, you guys can send me your skate brat auditions, too!

  alex wrote @

so if i get the part for harvey u just tell me wat to act and i would vid tape it then u would edit it in or something

  alex wrote @

oh and wats ur E mail

  type294 wrote @

Yeah I wanted to be Dwight so do I send an audition for Dwight??? And if so what’s your email????

  matthew wrote @

my sis would love to be rhondella!!!

  type294 wrote @

i will be anyone you guys want to be!!!!!
im a big fan and i want to be apart of it so i wanted know if i could have a part im very good at acting and can play anyone you can think of i would work most well for Dwight but since he is already casted i want to just get to play whoever i can.

SuperFolder Jedi Trevor

  ROBIN LOMAS wrote @

Can I be someone in the third season

  daniel wrote @

jc can i be murky

  origami yoda wrote @

mmm another movie i see enter in i shall not to old i am (my origami yoda speakin)

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