Kirigami Luke Skywalker by SF Dawson


  Josanne Charles (@josanne_alana) wrote @

that’s what I call stooooooooooooooky!!!

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Tom should use this in the Origami Luke book! (IF it ever happens….)

  Josanne Charles (@josanne_alana) wrote @

I think there should be instructions for it in the next book

  Wampa boy wrote @

If someone names a person from Star Wars I will try to make it and send it to Tom

  luke wrote @

make an ewok

  Dawson wrote @

Oh sorry guys I forgot to tell you that I’m Dawson AKA wampa boy

  Josanne Charles (@josanne_alana) wrote @

how about ashoka tano

  Dawson wrote @

I’ll get right on that!

  Josanne Charles (@josanne_alana) wrote @

I have made a Briggs Darklighter

  luke wrote @

hey Dawson, try to make a general grievius

  dawsonawesome11 wrote @

Ok I’ll make the ewok and grievous.

  dawsonawesome11 wrote @

Just finished them I sent the pic to Tom should be on the site soon!

  Dawson wrote @

Luke,I have made the grevious and it will be on the site this week!☺

  Super folder Saxon wrote @


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