The Clone Wars 100th Episode Winners announced!

Brent Friedman, the writer of the fantastic D-Squad story ARC, was the judge for this contest!
And I think that you SuperFolders really impressed him!

I was going to supply a prize myself, but Brent is actually pulling some strings to get the winners autographed pictures of Colonel Gascon! (signed by the real voice of Gascon, Stephen Stanton!!!!)

Here are his choices and some nice words. Make sure to read the last line!


SF Zane – 1st place. Since this is an origami contest, after all, this one had the most “depth” of image and incorporated the background in an interesting way.

SF Tudor – 2nd place. I really liked the arrangement/composition of characters here.

SF Trevor – 3rd place. This was a very nice, detailed integration of the background.

To all the other entrants, congrats on a job well done! The D-Squad has never looked better.

Congratulations to the winners! And a HUGE thank you to Brent Friedman and Stephen Stanton!


  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Good job to all you winners!

  Superfolder Princess wrote @

Great Job Guys!!! :)

  Noah wrote @

It’s a bummer that I didn’t win, but a big congrats to all The SFs who did!

  superfolderjordan wrote @

I R2-D2 one looks like the one from the Star Wars origami book. Great job!

  SF cau2134 wrote @

It is

  SF Zane wrote @

thanks :)

  type294 wrote @

Which SF Trevor is it SF Jedi Trevor???

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Yes, Jedi Trevor

  type294 wrote @

It is me omg omg omg omg omg omg thank you I’m so happy this is totally rockets thank you!!!!

  type294 wrote @

Do I have to email Tom my address for my prize??

  Tom Angleberger wrote @


  type294 wrote @

Congrats everyone who entered

  SuperfolderSebL wrote @


  wbfirk wrote @


  sf John wrote @


  SF Zane wrote @

Congrats to all the entrants they where all very very stooky!

  SF Zane wrote @

And thank you Tom Brent and Stephen! im really excited about winning :D

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