Here’s how to automatically contribute to the SuperFolder Newspaper!

SF Megan/Phred says:

Dear SuperFolders the newspaper hasn’t been doing very good beacause it seems that all the SuperFolders are busy SO my sulotion is if you comment below with you sf name that means you allow me to put any origami/doodles/story’s that you have up on any origami Yoda related sites ( if you still want to send me somthing specific you still can) but this way I can choose from your stuff! If you get put in I will contact you so you can see it as always you don’t have to its just a segestion thanks and
Have a fizzpop day!


  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @


  darthnoah wrote @

Could you maybe post my Skyfolders story, by DarthNoah, me?

  Robby wrote @

Why is it called skyfolders?

  Noah wrote @

Skyfolders, Skywalkers, it’s a pun.

  Superfolder Austin/Dwight wrote @

Put me in it with my picture! (Picture isnt uploaded yet)

  The SF Danny that’s a fifth grader wrote @

Just post any origami that I’ve ever put on this site.

  chickenman462 wrote @

I’m superfolder Picklegoo. Just post ANYTHING related to SF Picklegoo

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