SF JediTrevor’s Printable Cover Yoda!

Here’s another take on the idea of using pre-printed paper to get a realistic Cover Yoda!


  10cocoa wrote @


  origami kaden wrote @


  type294 wrote @

I looked all over online to find a good picture so then I took a picture of the cover yoda and printed it in black and white and then made my template design

  Robby wrote @


  type294 wrote @

Print it out and you can use it.

  sf parker wrote @

simply awesome.

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Hey JediTrevor, would you mind using that Printable Cover Yoda as our Yoda for Origami Yoda: The Series? You just have to film the Yoda moving around (only seeing your finger), for about ten seconds for each piece of advice, and then email the footage to us!

  type294 wrote @

Sure I would love to it would be an honor I really love the origami yoda series just tell me your email and let me know when to film and then ill get right on it!!!

  sf samb wrote @

that origami looks hard

  type294 wrote @

It’s actually really simple if you want I can send in a video of me making it to make it easier

  Super-Folder James wrote @

i cant print it out please help

  type294 wrote @

Ok I can get a better picture and put it on my blog if you want or send in a better picture

  Willy Wonka fan #1 wrote @

What website did you use?

  type294 wrote @

No website I just snapped a picture and put my cover yoda template together but if you want to know where I first posted it it would be my website origamieverything.wordpress.com

  Super folder Willy Wonka fan #1 wrote @

I printed it out and tired it, and its not perfect. But really cool you made a art combination.

P.S. Totally stooky! ;)

  awsome man! wrote @


  DoomKnight15 wrote @

SUPER EPIC (hope caps arent spamming)

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