Superfolder Jaymel’s warning to all Superfolders. The Sith Empire has returned!

Scariest Origami Ever?


  10cocoa wrote @


  10cocoa wrote @

Not Maul, MALGUS!

  superfolderjordan wrote @

That is AMAZING! Nice Darth Malgus!

  SF cau2134 wrote @

One word.


  Robby wrote @

Woah, that doodlegami is very detailed.

  Super folder Epvjupa wrote @


  SF firk wrote @

It stares into your SOUL!

  Super Folder Rex wrote @

Total rockets!!!!nice malgus!!!

  super folder Gonza or Gus on tablet wrote @

This is total flipen pancakes.Truly the sith have returned.

  turtle12 wrote @

if the sith return, they will be destroyed right away…

  super folder Gonza or Gus on tablet wrote @


  Superfolder Anakin Skywalker wrote @

Darth Malgus.

That is the coolest origami ever.

  10cocoa wrote @

Malgus = STOOKY!

  Austin h wrote @

Name him Darth Zyronas!

  sf samb wrote @

stooky origami and doodling

  Superfolder Austin and Dwight wrote @

Ummm…….. Who’s Darth Malgus?

  KimmyZee wrote @

He’s from the Old Republic

  Superfolder Jaymel wrote @

Superfolder Jaymel here. I forgot to put his shoulder plates on before I posted this on the site.

  10cocoa wrote @

Darth Malgus was a Sithlord of the Old Republic… quite an evil Sithlord…

  Superfolder Austin and Dwight wrote @

Ummm….. what’s the Old Republic?

  KimmyZee wrote @

It’s a Star Wars video game that takes place before Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

  Superfolder Austin and Dwight AND Leia wrote @

i know what it is now.

  KimmyZee wrote @

Total Rockets, but disturbing….
This will keep me up for weeks!

  SF JacobB wrote @

That may be the best origami i’ve ever SEEN =D no offense Tom

  Art2 D2 wrote @

Beep whistle!

  C3PO wrote @

Quite a good question, Art2! He askes if it is the universal Fold?

  Superfolder Jaymel wrote @

Actually, it’s a darth paper design with some tweaks.

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