SF AwesomeA’s Darth Phantom

No need to wait for Episode VII!
AwesomeA says:

Meet the Sith Lord who turned Ethan to
the dark side. Meet the Sith who killed 34/40 members of the Jedi council. The Sith who killed 3 million Jedi, trained 1,000 Sith and made the 3rd galactic empire! Meet… Darth Phantom!


  Super Folder Rex wrote @

Is Darth phantom somebody from episode VII

  Superfolder Anakin Skywalker wrote @

A made-up character invented by SF AwesomeA.

  Super Folder Rex wrote @

P.S. it’s awesome

  rfjfrf wrote @

The new episode will actually feature most likely darth bane. But this guy is awesome as well.

  Austin h aka awesome a wrote @

Darth phantom was the MOST powerful user of the force and perswayd Ethan to join the Dark Side. He killed a ton of Jedi that tried to arrest him. Only one lived because the most powerful Jedi, Adoy saved him at the last second. Eeventualy Ethan realizes how wrong and evil he was he kills his master and almost has himself killed.

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