SF Ethan’s Origami Republic Gun Ship!

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1. Start with a square piece of paper.
2. Fold in half to make a triangle
3. Fold the tip of the triangle to the center of the flat edge
4. Fold the outer corners down, so it now resembles something like an origami fox.
5. Then fold it in half so it looks like another tirangle
6. Fold the two tops of the triangle down to be wings. The tips of the triangles should touch the center of the flat edge fo the triangle.
7. Fold the two tail corners in to be the blasters on the wings.

There you have an Origami Republic Gun Ship from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, compliments of Ethan. Decorate as necessary.


  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Wow! Stookyness!

An incredible SF achievement!

  10cocoa wrote @

That piece of origami is CRIPPIES!

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