SF Coles origami Dragonborn!

SF Cole says:

Fus ro dah

WB Sam says: huh? Can anyone explain?


  Robby wrote @

I looked up “fus ro dah” on google and evidentially it is some sort of dragon summoning spell thing.

  soon-to-be-Superfolder Darth Ewok wrote @

ooooooooookay well thanks for looking it up

  superwheezy wrote @

The dragonborn is a person from skyrim who has to kill dragons to save skyrim. Every time he kills a dragon he absorbs its soul. With the dragon souls he can shout words of power like fus ro dah

  superfolder wicket wrote @

its from skyrim

  SF Jedi knight Chad Youmans wrote @

Dragonborn is the main character for The
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

  soon-to-be-Superfolder Darth Ewok wrote @

excuse me what the fett is Skyrim? Just wondering.

  Sf Robby wrote @

I think some sort of d&d thing only it’s not from the same makers and it’s a video game.

  ExpertofStuff wrote @

Actually, dragon borns originated from Dungeons and Dragons. Skyrim just stole them.

  Star Wars Bob wrote @

Hey,Expert,you’re right.D&D dragonborn are much bulkier and look like dragons.

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