SF Felix’s Origami Paper General Grievous!


  SuperFolder JC wrote @

MEGA!!! That’s one wicked awesome Grievous!

  Superfolder Princess wrote @

Was that tinfoil?! Stooky!

  dakotastedman wrote @

Shiny…my precious…

  Luis santos wrote @

That looks col and shiny

  SF Andrew wrote @

That’s so stooky!! i tried making him but it didn’t turn out very good. :(

  Felix wrote @

1 tin foil origami paper.
2 i squash-folded it into a triangle.
3 use the top flaps to make arms
4 fold arms in half
5 fold down top to make a head
6 fold bottom flaps into legs
7 fold bottom of the legs for feet
8 fold in legs to make armor
9 tape or fold in lightsabers
10 color

  Zoe wrote @

thanks!That was made by my 9 year old brother. he used foil origami paper to make grievous

  Zoe wrote @

my brother Felix has made other origami star wars characters too

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