Shavod98’s Origami Count Creasu

Shavod98 says: THANK YOU for instrux Cocobean!


  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Shavod98, EPIC JOB!!! :D Even when the origami isn’t yours, you STILL pull it off! (By the way, I’m sorry I never got to comment much on your origami. . . your busload of origami was so Plastic Dinosaurs!)

And you said it!

CocoaBean created an incredible Dooku, and I think I might write a new story surrounding it!

(CocoaBean, I need your permission first…)

  10cocoa wrote @

That’s fine, JC. :)

P.S. I just got some ultrasabers in the mail!

  sf Coop macnicholl wrote @


  10cocoa wrote @

You’re welcome Shavod98! I’m glad you liked mine!

  shavod 98 wrote @

i couldn’t quite read the instrux so i did the first, like, five steps of admiral achbar and made the cape and stuff and cut out the hair/beard, so it wasn’t the exact same thing that you made

  10cocoa wrote @

Sorry! My writing is sloppy, as is my drawing. The instrux were: Fold bottom up. Fold sides back.

P.S. I’m glad you liked my original pic.

  SF CJ wrote @

Yeah, there really should be a story about him! Or maybe a movie!

P.S. Stooky Count Creasu!

  Shavod98 wrote @

Yeah, it would be cool if there was a story about count creasu

  10cocoa wrote @

OK, guys. You can make a story OR a movie! I’m just glad you like his and mine!

P.S. Why are there TWO Shavod98s?

  Shavod98 wrote @

I may have put Shavod (space) 98

  Shavod98 wrote @

And that created a new account

  10cocoa wrote @

Hmmm, OK!

  shavod 98 wrote @

because the first account i made was Shavod(no space)98

  Super Folder Andy wrote @

Dude that is Wicked! Please make instructions!

  SF Andy wrote @

Dude, that`s stooky.

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