ReadKiddoRead Award… LET THE WOOKIEE WIN!

Fortune Wookiee is losing BAD in the Kiddo Award voting right now!

Dork Diaries is winning!
Wimpy Kid and a bunch of other books are beating me, too.

Head over to ReadKiddoRead to check it out and vote for FW or DD or WK or anyone else you like…
And check out the other categories, too. Lots of good books to vote for!


  Super Folder Rex wrote @

Dork diaries???really?!?!?

  Superfolder Anakin Skywalker wrote @

I agree. DORK DIARIES? You deserve to win, Tom. I bet that you will.

  dakotastedman wrote @

I think I started one of those books, but I’m not sure. It either induced amnesia or made me fall asleep.

  dakotastedman wrote @

The Last Guardian is actually a good book. I had the opportunity to meet Eoin Colfer, and he was pretty nice. I got him to sign a book.

  Super folder Epvjupa wrote @

I’ve read the other Artemis Fowl’s.

  dakotastedman wrote @

I voted for you, though, don’t worry. :]

  carson4 wrote @

one other book i like but your books are way better than it by a lot how is it not winning

  carson4 wrote @

(by it i mean your book)

  KimmyZee wrote @


  KimmyZee wrote @

The Wimpy Kid books are Massively Bolt, but your books are TOTAL ROCKETS!!!!!


  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

Pikpok pete not fair!!! You should win Tom. You and your books are TOTAL ROCKETS!!!!!

  Sf Robby wrote @

Wk and fw are good. My sister loves dork diaries but i read the first page and it was dumb. She writes like she’s texting. It’s also just wk with a girl twist. It’s not even cartoons, she draws like its an anime. If dd wins, then I’ll go on a rampage onthe author of dd.

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Don’t do that! The DD author and artist are friends of mine!!!

  Sf Robby wrote @

Oh, I didn’t know that. I will protest the awards if dd wins though.

  Superfolder Princess wrote @

I do like the Pics! :)

  stevie wrote @

um well diary of wimpy kid is good but greg is well idk dd sucks tom u da best

  carson4 wrote @

im making a origami soapy the monkey might send it to you in fan mail

  Sf Robby wrote @

Isn’t that off topic Carson? It would be more appropriate for the random stuff discussion page.

  Super folder Epvjupa wrote @

I’m so sorry! I voted for moa instead. It’s not that I don’t like Fortune Wookiee, it’s just that I read Mark of Athena first and… Well you get the idea. I swear, though, I have now made an Anakin vow, and I WILL figure out how to vote Fortune Wookiee as well!

  super folder Gonza or Gus on tablet wrote @

It dose look like a pikpot competition.

  Sf Robby wrote @

Yeah, if dork diaries is winning, there’s probably been a bunch of girls using there phones AND tablets AND computers (yes all of them) to get more votes in.

  Super Folder Rex wrote @

I think that’s right.thats also cheating!!!!!!!!i mean,who would want to vote for dork diaries?it BLOWS!ITS PIKPOK!i could tell that it blows just from looking at the cover!!!

  AdamR wrote @

Tom! I have something to tell you about Art2! My scholastic book fair has art2 d2 in in stock. I bought it today. How did it come out earlier?

  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Mark of Athena vs Fortune Wookiee. . .

I can’t decide! (I also can’t wait for House of Hades and OY4!)

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

WHAT???? Can’t decide?????

  Super folder Epvjupa wrote @

Tom, if you’ve seen, Fortune Wookiee is moving up on the ladder! I mean, I don’t think you’ll catch up to Dork Diaries, as much as I hate that( I guess they call it DORK Diaries for a reason), but you just MIGHT end up second, ahead of Mark of Athena.

  Super folder Epvjupa wrote @

Just ask one of your friends to vote fw and you vote moa.

  Sf Estevens wrote @

Psst dora diaries blows. I just went and voted for you. Ur awesome tom

  SF Owen wrote @

Really? Dork diaries??? La-Me!!

  Superfolder Princess wrote @

I like so many books but…”FW,AWESOME IT IS!”

  jdathesuperfolder wrote @

I’m fighting Tom!!

  Sf Robby wrote @

For a split second in the first Pokemon theme song, meowth’s house left tooth disappears.

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