SF CocoaBean’s Origami Wicket!


  SuperFolder JC wrote @

Wow! CocoaBean, I knew you were Stooky, but this is just Stookalicious!!!

  dakotastedman wrote @


  Superfolder Princess wrote @

Stooky! Instrux Please??? :)

  10cocoa wrote @

Sure! Comin’ up!

  10cocoa wrote @

Thanks! It’s just the feet I’m missing. If you have any blog xp., please tell me how to get mine in the blog roll here!

  dakotastedman wrote @

Just post this photo on your blog.

  10cocoa wrote @

OK! Thanks to everyone for liking this one! Oh, JC, you can do the story about Count Creasu.

  stevie wrote @

twoosh stevish 4 epic

  super folder Gonza or Gus on tablet wrote @

Super flipen pancakes with gondo butter and stoolynuss dripen down like maple syrupe.

  super folder Gonza or Gus on tablet wrote @

Sorry I meant stooky.

  Sf Robby wrote @

I must get instrux and fold it and then eat it so I can memorize the instrux and fold it everywhere I go.

  SF Owen wrote @


  sftimothy1 wrote @

stooky! wait, you have a blog?

  10cocoa wrote @

Yep! There’s one post and an ask OriBoo page, but here it is: http://magicgami.wordpress.com/

  sftimothy1 wrote @

AWESOME! (P.S. maybe you shoul email Tom and ask him to post it up on the blog roll)

  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

TOTAL ROCKETS!!!!!!P.S Thanks 10cocoa your the only one who has seen my post.

  10cocoa wrote @

Your welcome! It was amazing!

  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @


  jinho0000 wrote @

How Did You Make That?????

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