Art2-D2 Sale Date = March 26!

Remember what I said about it getting moved up? Pretend I never said it…

However, we WILL do something on March 19: a big digital signing! Your chance to get your own, unique, signed Art2D2 doodle for free and pretty fast! Stay tuned!


  stevie wrote @

first comment :) well this sucks well im gonna post on my blog it aint gonna come sooner check out my blog

  jwhitec5 wrote @


  super folder Gonza or Gus on tablet wrote @

My B day is on the 14th I hope I get the book later on.

  Yodamaster wrote @

Eh, well, I’m still happy it’s in march and not august, I am SUPER excited for this one! BTW,i’m not on that sf list down there. Am i not one anymore?

  Tom Angleberger wrote @

Those are just random…. I think!
I’m not sure they add much to the blog. I may get WBSAM to dump them…

  SF ZaneK wrote @

yeah im not either lol

  SF ZaneK wrote @

at one point i was there and now im gone?

  superfolder wicket wrote @


  superfolder wicket wrote @

well, about the release date. but digital signings are good too!

  Scott McDanel wrote @

Darn not stooky

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @

Awesome update!!

  SF Owen wrote @


  SF Owen wrote @

or picpock I don’t remember how its spelled

  dakotastedman wrote @


  SF ZaneK wrote @

Oh well its just 7 days and STOOKY HOW CAN I GET ONE?!

  Starwarsfolder12 wrote @

Aw man. It’s ok though. Worth the wait anyways.

  Colin wrote @

i wait for two months to go on this website and nothing happens.

  carson4 wrote @

i got the book from my school book fair want to see some of the origami i made from it after th book comes out so i dont spoil iy

  Gavin wrote @

If Tom angleberger is reading this, what is exactly in this book? It says on the cover activity book, but i want to get like a small preview of it. :)

  Trevor Mcbride wrote @

Wait is it a contest or you have to be one of the first people to reply or what cause I don’t really know??

  superwheezy wrote @


  neonblast12 wrote @

awww man cant get it beacuse im gonna see dragon ball z battle of gods

  Random 8th Grade Student wrote @

Hello Mr. Angleberger,
I have not read your book, but I would like to thank you for re-introducing Star Wars to elementary and middle-school students! I lived in ignorance of it’s epicness and the force until 7th grade (when a friend lent me the first 2-3 [not the original few :( ] ), and I adored “the worst ones” as my father calls them. Anyway, thanks for spreading the epicity of Star Wars!
And may the force be with you,
Random 8th Grade Student

  Random 8th Grade Student wrote @

books, sorry

  jinho0000 wrote @

Wghrrrrrrrr! (Where do I get this book)

  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

Pikpok Pete!! Wait, Tom how are you gonna give an r2d2 doodle to everyone cos I live in Utah and you live in Virginia? PLEASE ANSWER!!! I REALLY WANT A DOODLE!!!

  sf Coop macnicholl wrote @


  SF JordanL wrote @

i already have the book

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