SF Gabe’s Cover Stars!

Wow! SF Gabe is new here, but he has already folded a great Cover Yoda! Not to mention Darth and Chewie!


  SF LegoGabe wrote @

Cool! This is really awkward. Is this a THIRD SF Gabe, or just the one who made Stormtrooper and the Dementor? I’m the Gabe who made Foldi-wan. I changed my name to avoid confusion.

  SF Owen wrote @

How did you make the pocket in the darth paper? Or fold the origami yoda?! (because they are stooky!)

  Superfolder Princess wrote @


  Weaver wrote @

Great job!

  SF Chewieness wrote @

did you use wookie paper or did you draw it on? If the second one then WOW!

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