SF Kenworthy’s Origami Mace Windu, Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca!

Here’s another new SF, Kenworthy, showing us a great looking Lando!


  gabriel wrote @


  gabriel wrote @

can you post instrux

  sonic12012 wrote @

Sorry superfolder kenworthy doesn’t exist it was me.I forgot to put my superfolder name.

  sonic12012 wrote @

Reblogged this on sonic12012's Blog.

  10cocoa wrote @

Awesomely stooky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  jdathesuperfolder wrote @

Love the Lando.

  sonic12012 wrote @

I will post in instructions in a month.

  Josanne Charles (@josanne_alana) wrote @

That is some stooky origami.ps stooky means awesome

  sonic12012 wrote @

I know I have read all the books

  sonic12012 wrote @

I almost have all the books

  The REAL Origami Yoda wrote @

Awesome, it is. Make a Millenium Falcon you shall.

  sonic12012 wrote @

Thanks everyone for the encouragement,inspiration, and nice comments

  sonic12012 wrote @

P.S. the REAL Origami Yoda I tried making the millennium falcon I guess I’ll try again.

  sonic12012 wrote @

Someone please go to my website sonic12012blog.wordpress.com/

  Anonymous wrote @

real origami yoda i have made a sucsessful millenium falcon

  sonic12012 wrote @

The Real Origami Yoda I have made a successful Millenium Falcon.

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