First signed Art2-D2 to SF Mary!


  starwarsfolder12 wrote @

Wow. Enjoy the book, SF Mary! Have fun!

  Minecraftmaster wrote @

Wait i thought it was coming out the 26?

  SuperFolder Megan/Phred wrote @


  AustinM wrote @

Did you give her Art2?

  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

Stooky!!!! IM jealous!!!!

  SF cau2134 wrote @

Are you coming to TX on the book tour

  Trevor Mcbride wrote @

Come to newaygo Michigan please Tom???

  SFZaneK wrote @

OMOG (oh my origami yoda) I AM SO JEALOUS!!! I Wish tom would come to australia!!

  Super folder Epvjupa wrote @

Agreed with ZaneK. Come to Aus please!!!

  AustinM wrote @

You comin’ back to Nashville, Tom?

  sf turtle12 wrote @

i hope my parents will allow me to go to Naperville tonight…

  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon wrote @

Tom, can you come to Ogden Utah?

  Weaver wrote @

Come to Nashville, Tom! I know you were here for the southern festival of books but I missed you!

  AustinM wrote @

YOU’RE IN TN TOO? Weaver, is Weaver your real name? If not is your first name Dylan?

  Weaver wrote @

No, my real name’s not Weaver. No, my real name’s not Dylan.
There are thousands of people who like the OY books in TN—not just us. :]

  Superfolder Princess wrote @

LUCKY! Read it well you must ;)

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