The Wookiee That Didn’t Win….

Here’s one last piece of Fortune Wookiee business, before we move on to Art2D2.

Here is a photo of an early Fortune Wookiee that I made… As you may know, this one or one kind of like it was rejected by the folks at Abrams (THANKFULLY!) paving the way for Cece to jump in and make the incredible Fortune Wookiee that did get put on the cover. Thanks, Cece!


  Superfolder Princess wrote @

Kindof looks like it would say: “Raaaaauffff”(I am going to snuggle you and then bite your helmet)

  superfolder ethan wrote @

Hey tom if you have no need for the early fortune wookie you made can I have it

  SF CJ wrote @

That’s a cool Fortune Wookie still! Maybe you should have a contest for it”

  Superfolder Princess wrote @

I have to agree although it needs to be signed and placed in a Glass case with lasers! :P

  KimmyZee wrote @

Good, but not great. I’m glad Cece’s FW made it on the book!

  SF Chewiness wrote @

Good fortune wookie but it looks like you used a red marker instead of brown or even orange.

  SF Owen wrote @

That’s for sure.

  10cocoa wrote @

It’s still an awesome FW!

  SF Owen wrote @

It still is!

  Super Folder Rex wrote @

A contest for it you must make.signed it must be.a fortune wookie contest it must be.(my origami yoda said that)

  rancorman wrote @

good job tom your fw is great

  gavin p. wrote @

pretty good I am a galactic origami knight in training

  origami358 wrote @

Looks great.

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