PLEASE read this message from WB SAM: The coming storm…

Hey SuperFolders…. Webmaster Sam here.

Whenever Tom puts out a new book, we start to get a lot more submissions of origami, drawings and stuff to the website.
That’s a good thing!

However, as you may know, we’re already backed up… way up! It’s taking almost 10 days for a submission to show up online! Tom tells people I’m slow, but in truth we think everybody deserves a chance to be in the spotlight, so we try no to post more than 4 or 5 on a single day.

So… things are going to get rocky. Here’s how you can help:

* If you are working on more than one thing, send everything in one email. Maybe even save up 3 or 4 pieces of origami so you can make a big splash on the site. This is the single biggest thing you can do for me!

* Don’t be in a rush. Put a little extra time into the details or the photography.

* Always write a proper subject on your email. Ex: “SF Sam’s Origami Mr. T.!” Spell it right, capitalize it right and don’t add too many exclamation points.

* Always send the pictures as an attachment.

* And if you have questions for Tom, ask them all in one email. He’s happy to answer 5 questions in 1 email, but 5 in 5 emails takes a lot more time…

Also… new SuperFolders means a lot of questions in the comments. Maybe those of you have been around for awhile can continue answering some of these!



  Weaver wrote @

Will do! Actually, I will stop sending in anything to help with the back flow. I will just post them on my own blog for my 2 views per week. :)

  TYSON wrote @

“Put a little extra time in details”? WHY?

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